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Data Analytics Training Course

What is data analytics?

In the contemporary landscape, data science is at the core of every industry that leverages progressive technology to target and reaches its audience. Data analytics has multiple aspects and can be explained as the process of cleaning, transforming and analyzing data to obtain valuable insights and draw important conclusions. The significance and vitality of data analytics are such that it can help to decode the world around us using statistical figures.

In the digital era, an enormous amount of data is generated and stored regularly from people all across the globe. Whether you are using your social media account or making a purchase online through your favorite e-commerce store, all the internet powered activities generates data that is stored electronically for future reference. Businesses are using data analytics to extract useful information about the customers that can help them design their products and services as per the customer’s need and demand. Some of the key aspects of using data analytics are listed below.

Identifying secret insights

Data is analyzed by businesses to obtain hidden insights that couldn’t have been normally obtained; these secret insights are used as per the requirements of the corporations. Data analytics helps to identify trends and patterns that help to project prospects.

Conduct market analysis

Conducting market analysis is an important application of data analytics. It helps to understand consumer behavior, the general trends and competitor’s strategies. It can help to find out the strength and weaknesses of other players in the industry.

Why opt for a data analytic course?

As we have already established that data science and analytics are at the core of corporate operations. Data analytics has gained widespread popularity in the last decade given the benefits it has to offer to businesses. This has caused a surge in demand for data analytics professionals.

As per the latest estimates, the demand for data analytics professionals in the industry is much higher than the current supply of professionals who are equipped to handle complex data. The data analytics industry is estimated to grow multiple-folds in the coming decade as more and more companies will adopt data science for smart decision making. A career in the field of data analytics is very rewarding and lucrative for those who are interested in making sense of facts and figures.

Imarticus data analytics courses

Imarticus Learning is a technology-driven educational institute that provides an immersive learning experience to students who want to kick start their career in industries such as analytics, financial services, AIML, business analysis, etc. The primary objective of Imarticus Learning is to reduce the skills gap that persists in the economy. The courses offered by Imarticus takes a comprehensive approach to learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.

Imarticus postgraduate data analytics course is among the best data analytics program available online. It is a well-designed postgraduate data analytics program that studies duration of 450+ hours. The training course takes a hands-on-learning approach to cover foundational concepts of the best analytical tools such as R, Python, SAS, Hive, Spark, and Tableau.

The whole PG program is spread across three semesters. In addition to the theoretical understanding of the data analytics related concepts, students will also gain practical exposure through case studies, live capstone projects, hackathons, and mentorship by industry experts.  The course also entails mock interviews to boost your employability, industry leaders for guidance, placement assurance and much more.

Imarticus Learning is providing a limited period offer on its special data analytics course. Enroll without any delay to avail 25% off on your data analytics course!

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