How to make a career in the capital markets?

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Capital markets are markets where you purchase and sell various financial products. This field is constantly evolving, and there is vast scope in trading securities related to debt or equity. Since more and more people are becoming interested in such trade, a career in the capital markets can be rewarding.

If you wish to learn and have a job in capital markets, you should opt for financial services and capital market courses. At Imarticus Learning, we ensure that students develop the necessary knowledge and offer certification from IIM Lucknow

Start a Successful Career in the Capital Markets

To become successful in the capital markets, you need to have a well-rounded knowledge of what the primary and secondary markets offer. You also need to develop the necessary skills to work or build a career in the capital markets. The primary market is where you or any other investor can find equities, bonds, or other new securities. Now you can trade these acquired securities in the secondary market. 

To successfully buy and trade securities, you need to develop specific skills. An Advanced Management Program in the capital market will help you learn the details of the markets and how you can launch your career in the industry. We at Imarticus Learning ensure that you receive a holistic education. As a part of the program, our instructors will teach you both technical skills and soft skills. It is crucial to understand financial risk, investment banking, and FinTech to become an expert in capital markets. Therefore you will have to research these domains and acquire knowledge through specialisations and hands-on experience. 

The capital markets are demanding, and to be successful, you need to understand the markets and your client's needs. When working in a company that deals with capital market transactions, you may be in charge of providing advice to potential investors, running the IPO markets, or acquiring and trading specific stocks. For all such jobs, you need to have a complete understanding of how the capital markets function, what kind of client interactions are necessary, and how the changes in the capital markets can influence the condition of the business. If you can accurately analyse and make the right decisions, you are bound to have a successful career. 

Why Choose Imarticus Learning? 

As mentioned before, you need to have the right skills and knowledge to start a career in the capital markets. At Imarticus Learning, we offer an Advanced Management Program in

Financial Services and Capital Markets. This is a course that is in collaboration with IIM Lucknow. You will receive a certificate from IIM Lucknow and get Executive Alumni status. We have developed the curriculum keeping in mind the current industry needs, and it is focused on numerous hands-on training, specializations, and projects.

You will be learning through a unique peer networking and campus immersion system. When you interact with your peers and build essential networks with industry experts, you are in a better position to excel in the field. 

After six months of rigorous study and training, we offer the capital markets certificate. As a part of the campus immersion, you will get to spend 36 hours on-campus at IIM Lucknow and learn from industry experts and academicians. To enroll in the program, you need to have at least two years of work experience. We also prefer candidates to have a graduate degree. Thus, this is the best course for mid-level professionals or those looking to switch careers. 

Apart from capital markets, Imarticus Learning offers training in corporate finance, FinTech, valuation and equity, and risk management and compliance. Such an advanced curriculum, along with capstone projects, will prepare you for lucrative jobs and a thriving career. 

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