How To Get Certified in Blockchain Technology?

How To Get Certified in Blockchain Technology?

Emerging tech blockchain is the star today in many industries. Due to the high demand for professionals who know blockchain, it is a good idea to get trained and certified in blockchain. A few years ago, jobs in the financial market were limited to the traditional set-ups of the organisation. You could be a banker but not a technologist. Today, the digital revolution has created an abundance of jobs of different kinds across various industries.

Programmers who are trained in artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology are in high demand. This is strictly not restricted only to tech companies. Many organisations are investing to have their employees trained in fintech as they can prepare their workforce for the future.
Blockchain has applications across industries apart from banking and fintech. Healthcare industry uses blockchain to manage patient records, similarly retail uses blockchain for supply chain management. It has revolutionized many industries and is a game changer.
So, what is blockchain? The blockchain is simply a block of transactions that are assembled in a chain. Usually, every block is a transaction, and it is validated with a time-stamp. It is near impossible to tamper with this digital ledger. It also reduces human error and leaves the data immutable.
Here are a few things you should know if you are planning to get certified in blockchain technology.
Only engineers can certify
Emerging tech is easy to learn, and you do not need to have a qualification in engineering to pursue a course in the same. While it takes focus and discipline to do a fintech certification course, it is not impossible if you do not have a traditional engineering background. Many learning institutions offer professional certification online for blockchain, AI and machine learning without any pre-requisites.
Jobs are restricted
Due to digitisation, every organisation irrespective of the industry has adopted blockchain. As the application of the framework is simple, it has wide benefits across administrative, logistical spaces. The blockchain is a digital ledger that keeps track of all transactions and payments. Therefore, the traditional role of a ledger and bookkeeper has now moved to those who maintain this in a bank. Job opportunities are plenty and lucrative for those who are trained in blockchain.
Blockchain is illegal
Blockchain is neither free nor illegal. Technology is the backbone of digital transactions, and thereby there is a fear that it is not secure and illegal. However, most banks today are using blockchain to maintain a decentralized database of the ledger and for applications in customer management and database management. Getting certified in one of the biggest technology trends in the world is a good idea from an employability perspective.
Today many companies are quickly adopting emerging tech such as blockchain. This creates a vast amount of opportunity for those who are skilled in managing the technology to derive insights which help businesses make strategic decisions. An ascending career trajectory is guaranteed for those who are certified professionals.

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