How To Encourage Your Children To Learn About Big Data And Modern Technologies?

How To Encourage Your Children To Learn About Big Data And Modern Technologies?

Phrases like Deep Learning, Neural networks, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence can be a big put-off for those parents who get easily overwhelmed by the changes in digital technology which seems to change minute-by-minute. The exponential growth of data is powering it and big data analytics courses are fast becoming essential.

This is what your children inherit and grow up in. It is crucial to have them trained early on if they need to be technologically equipped to handle their daily lives and become contributors to the growth of both the economy and society at large. There is no dearth of the ignorant in places of power who have no clue regarding the present technology let alone the future technologies that are already happening!

Every country has its share of shame and court cases on the misuse of technology which stems for a complete lack of understanding of the underlying science and principles of technology. You can change that and we shall look at certain pointers that can help you along to make the future of your kids in big data analytics courses an educated and well-equipped one.

Understanding the basics:

Kids understand concepts very easily if the examples are right. Just as they learn to walk, talk in any language, and interact with others based on their experiences of watching and doing, so also complicated concepts are simpler to explain than you may think. After all, technology has existed over generations and it is those who learned to question early that became the next generation’s Einstien or Newton.

Your involvement is vital:

One of the easiest ways to update your knowledge would be to get involved in your child’s learning. Parents are the role model on which the child bases his/her behavior. Taking an interest in the learning data analysis and how modern technology will not only help you explain the simple concepts of Deep Learning, Neural networks, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence but will also help you understand better and make better choices as technologies advance. Ex: Buying a smartphone today involves understanding what they can do for you with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Go ahead and discover your gadgets.

Rewards are motivators:

The simple science of getting kids to thrive in their learning is to create a task list and reward the completion of tasks with simple child-friendly rewards like a party, movie, or treat of their choice. Starting such a system helps them inculcate discipline, cleanliness, and innovation in thinking through their tasks. Rather than play for hours on end, kids find it more interesting to learn to handle gadgets like the computer, smartphones or home theatre. They not only feel grown-up but also start skilling themselves early.

Use authentic training resources:

Teaching children to Google their questions opens up Pandora’s box when un-monitored. However, the internet has some very interesting videos on YouTube, simple beginner’s courses depending on the age of your child, websites for learning kids, games that explain concepts behind what appears complicated technology and child-friendly apps that are invaluable for both you and your kids. Why not consider a few big data analytics courses online?

Learn from mistakes:

Part of the learning lies in its being used and that’s where mistakes are bound to happen. Just like kids fall and learn to walk better, complicated subjects will come with mistakes and errors that should be treated as part of the process. The parent’s role in encouraging and handling rejection due to mistakes is just the same as in subjects like mathematics, science or any other. Just as long as the child enjoys the process and no stress is created they will learn if you are sensible about their failures.

Get Assistance:

Rather than venture into the unknown territory alone, there are ample resources that you can exploit to teach your children such as teachers, tutors, and short-term beginner courses at colleges that can help. Scour your neighbourhood for students who have done big data analytics courses and would be willing to orient your kid for a very reasonable hourly fee while keeping them well-attended to and busy learning something new.

Parting notes:

So, how can proactive parents encourage children to acquire knowledge and skills in big data and modern technologies? Well, the answer is simple. It is all about the training of the mind to form a basic skill set that is curious and learns by itself. At Imarticus Learning you can learn and also enrol your children in professional courses like big data analytics courses that help build appropriate skills in the field of emerging technology. You will be getting them a quick start in their careers that could prove invaluable in time.

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