How To Change Career From Retail Banking After Working For a Few Years?

Your decision to take up a career in new-age banking is after being in retail banking is not only logical and laudable but is a great career move.

You will need to do new-age banking courses to catch up with the latest trends in new-age banking which offers some great features like:

  • Job security and working in MNC environments.
  • Super salary packages topped with great benefits
  • Jobs for retired bankers and career-changers within the banking areas are never a problem.
  • Wide variety of jobs experiences and roles.
  • Banking industry jobs are prestigious and have a thriving ecosystem.
  • To update knowledge of the latest banking trends and practices New Age Banking Training can help. They also help with certifications and interview skills.
  • Excellent career progression and scope for banking jobs make this career choice great.
  • Community service goals and continued learning opportunities are satisfying and enriching.
  • The working hours are good and the environment is conducive to career progression.
  • Certifications gained to add to your resume and knowledge endorsing your skill levels.

New-age banks have evolved which are needs and market-based. Traditionally the roles were related to customer-service and teller areas in banks. This means multi-tasking banking professionals are in high demand.

The trending opportunities in new-age banking are: 

  • Investment and Trust Banking help with investments, issuances, property, and fund management for both individual and institutional clients.
  • Operations roles deal with the everyday handling of banking operations from bookkeeping, record keeping, financial analysis, strategy meetings, client presentations, etc.
  • Personalized Consumer Banking division roles deal with customized services and financial advice to priority individual HNI customers.
  • Commercial Banking roles have clients like organizations, schools, businesses, churches, etc to cater to customized banking financial solutions.
  • IT, systems, and security cover areas that aid the banking operation accumulate technology, data, and records, store them safely and maintain the safety of the entire banking environment and assets.
  • Accounting and administration roles handle policies, routine due diligence, strategy and planning, internal operations, and such tasks.
  • HR and PR Resources are the bloodlines and while HR is employee management related the PRO is client-facing and strives to improve customer experience and feedback.
  • Regulatory and Accounting and administration roles handle policies, routine due diligence, strategy and planning, internal operations, and such tasks.
  • Marketing is an important role and helps win new customers into the fold with the bank’s product information, managing the customer database, advertising, media, and press releases, and much more.

What is new-age banking?
The term ‘new-age banking’ is applied to traditional banking offering a re-packaged combination of services in Forex, online lending, and banking services.

Online Lending: 
IndusInd Bank has set the right example for new-age banking. Their loans are now pre-approved and the ETB users log into the portal and get instant loans after meeting the online eligibility criteria. Besides, they have ramped up the loans on consumer durables, securitized loans, and more digitizing those long and time-consuming loan processes into paper-less, pre-approved seamlessly online instant transactions.

Transactions in FOREX:
This trending market also covers multi-currency travel cards, currency exchange at market rates, and delivery of local currency at kiosks or the airport for foreign travelers. The easy on-boarding and reloading, blockchain-based security, direct product deliveries against cash-on-receipt; easy conversions of FOREX, etc are some of the USPs.

Personalized Banking Services:
Customization of banking services through requests has made visiting the bank unnecessarily. Almost all banks have portals for account management, and payment platforms like BHIM and QR scans like PayTM have meant digitization and cashless transactions leading to higher C-SAT ratings.

Skills for a new-age banker:
To become career-prepared you need to undertake new-age banking training and work hard in the New-Age Banking Courses on the following attributes. An academic bachelor’s degree would be essential and experience in banking practices help.

Fluency in English communication and excellent skills in presentations using Microsoft Excel Macros and financial software is critical to presenting a report of insights that help decision-making based on predictive analysis foresight and data analytical skills. Yes, conceptual knowledge and expertise in the domain enable you to stand out.

Employment Outlook:
The pay packages, bonuses, and career progression when you make a career in new-age banking are not just lucrative and prestigious. They are performance and certification related enabling continuous learning and very satisfying job roles.

Bank jobs are open to all graduates and persons making career changes within the banking sector. Doing the new-age banking training course at Imarticus Learning helps you with assured placements, certification, knowledge of the new-age banking procedures, and employable experience.
Hurry! Admissions are limited in every batch.

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