How To Become An AI Engineer In 2022

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How To Become An AI Engineer In 2022

The ever-evolving technological field is full of innovative and interesting career opportunities. AI (artificial intelligence) engineering is a booming sector that offers exciting options and new challenges for professional development.  

AI engineers are accountable for training, programming, and developing composite networks of algorithms. This role demands expertise in data engineering, data science, programming, and artificial intelligence. 

AI developers recognize & source data from multiple sources to test and develop machine learning models. They can use embedded code or APIs (application programming interfaces) to implement and design AI-based applications. 

To become an AI engineer, it is essential to have an undergraduate degree in a relevant field such as data science, statistics, computer science, or information technology. Thereafter, they can register for a recognized artificial intelligence course to improve their skills. Read on for more details!

Detailed Steps to Learn AI in India 

Follow the pointers below to become a successful artificial intelligence engineer:

Choose the science stream in class 12

Students must opt for science subjects, namely mathematics, chemistry, and physics, in class 12. Statistics may also be one of the core subjects in their curriculum. Such subjects will enhance the knowledge base for higher studies. 

Complete graduation in the required field  

Aspirants may either choose a 3-year B.Sc. course or pursue a 4-year engineering program such as B. Tech in AI. They can also opt for engineering courses in relevant branches such as computer science or IT and select artificial intelligence as a specialization paper along with data science and machine learning.

They need to crack the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) to get admission to the best engineering institutes, namely IITs, NITs, and IITs, Hyderabad. 

Earn a postgraduate degree 

Though not mandatory, pursuing a postgraduate course in a similar field may boost employability, improve earning potential, and develop a skill set. It can offer students niche technical skills and comprehensive knowledge of that subject. Students may have to qualify for GATE to get admission into engineering programs. 

Get certifications 

Registering for AI-powered diploma or certification courses can enhance professional skills in a more cost-efficient way. Aspirants may also pursue a postgraduate or graduate diploma in machine learning (ML) and AI. Selected institutes, such as Imarticus, offer deep learning, data science, and machine learning certifications to make candidates job-ready.   

Search for jobs 

After gaining expertise in these fields, students can apply for the job profiles of AI specialist, data analyst, robotics engineer, machine learning engineer, and data scientist. They may start as entry-level executives and improve their skills to reach higher positions. 

AI engineers need to develop critical thinking capability, collaboration skills, communication skills, business intelligence, analytical skills, programming skills, and mathematical skills to flourish.   

Roles of AI engineers 

AI engineers will be responsible for the following:

  • Transforming ML models into application programming interfaces
  • Building AI models 
  • Developing infrastructure to transform data 
  • Automating crucial processes and functions for data science teams 
  • Carrying on statistical analysis & interpreting outcomes to assist a company’s decision-making process 
  • Managing and building the AI development procedure, and a product’s overall infrastructure 
  • Coordinating with professionals such as data scientists, coders, programmers, and other stakeholders
  • Explaining the essence of AI models, the design for several individuals inside the company, including product managers and stakeholders


AI engineers are experts who minimize the gap between computed generated outputs and human thoughts. They play multiple roles concerning programming, design, research, data analysis, and data mining. 

Artificial Intelligence is a dynamic technology that every field makes use of. Its usage will grow dramatically shortly, and AI engineers will have ample career options. AI and ML are developing branches that will greatly influence the success of organizations and businesses. So, build your skills through an artificial intelligence course in India!     

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