Industry Analysis: Learn How To Ace Your Investment Banking Interview

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Investment banking is the division of banking operations that helps companies to manage their significant and often complicated financial transactions. This includes IPOs, mergers, underwriting and other aspects of the derivatives market.

Now, the operation of investment banking is managed by investment bankers. These individuals are responsible for making such deals happen without any interruptions.

Why Should You Try to Get a Job in the Investment Banking Sector?

There are many reasons to become an investment banker; it is a high-paying job, offers you great exposure and has bright future prospects. So, whether it is money or career growth, you will find everything in this profile. Ultimately, you have to decide whether you want to get into this field or not.

If you are interested, read on to learn more about this sector.

How to Nail the Investment Banking Interview?

Nailing an interview for investment banking depends on how prepared one is. Now, many candidates apply for this job, but fumbling and freezing during an interview will not help anybody’s case.

Even though there are a lot of job applicants for investment banking, not all get to secure a job successfully. Many applicants fumble and freeze during an interview when they are put forth with some of the basic technical questions. So you are required to be prepared to answer the most basic investment banking interview questions. Here are a few examples:

  1. In how many ways can a company be valued?
  2. How is raising funds through bonds better than equity?
  3. What will happen to various financial statement figures if $100 has been added to the current depreciation account?

Questions like these that have been given above show you the level of questions that are asked in the IB interview. So you need to work hard and be prepared beforehand.

Tips That Will Help You Ace the Investment Banking Interview

As the previous section offers you a glimpse of what is investment banking and how the interview looks like, you need to be prepared to face it. So, to help you in this endeavour, here are some tips that can prove to be a handful.

  • Prove that you will be easy to work with

Usually, working in investment banking means working in a team and dealing with high pressure most of the time. So, if you turn out to be a person who is difficult to work with, it will disturb the flow of the entire team. Hence, showcasing a positive personality and the right attitude will help you nail the job interview.

  • Present your thoughts at the right time

 You should know how to time your sales pitch during the interview. Questions like, “why do you want to work in the investment banking sector and for this particular firm only?” or, “why would you be a good fit for the organisation?” You should usually time your pitch to about three or four minutes.

  • Being reserved and respectful towards the interviewer

Humility during the entire duration of the interview is a must. You need not behave like a know-it-all snob who is full of overconfidence. This should also be evident from your communication. You should also try to answer clearly and concisely.

  • Eager to learn

You need to show to the interviewer that you are always ready for a challenge and keen to learn new things on the course.

  • Reach out to some people in the firm beforehand 

Another way to get through an interview easily is by contacting the employees of the firm in advance. You can get a sense of the firm’s ideology, how it functions, its clientele, etc. This will surely give you an advantage in your interview.

  • Get your facts right

Apart from presenting yourself, you must also answer the questions properly. Hence, you need to have a good grasp of your subject. In this regard, you can enrol yourself on an investment banking course with Imarticus Learning. These professional courses will give you an all-around preparation, which will also help you to get through the interviews as these are investment baking courses with placement.

To sum up, acing an interview, be it in investment banking or any other field, depends on your preparation. So, now that you know what is investment banking, how crucial the interview process is and the challenges that it brings, you can plan your preparation accordingly and find a job without any hassle. 

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