How to ace that FinTech interview

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FinTech professionals are always in demand in the ever-evolving job market, however, employers are
often choosy about the candidates they decide to interview and the professionals they choose for the
designated job role. While understanding the candidate’s technical background and skills are a top
priority for most hiring managers, the candidate’s business skills and interpersonal communication
strengths are also taken into consideration by most. As an aspiring FinTech professional, you are
expected to understand the end-to-end working of a FinTech environment, perform over multiple
functions at once, exhibit your skills to your utmost confidence and multitask.

Here are a couple of tips to help you get through that impending Business Analytics interview:

Research the organisation

Walking into an interview without knowing details about the company, what it does and what sets them
apart from other companies in the same domain is perhaps one of the biggest blunders an interviewee
can make. Hence, always research first. Find their website and read up on their product and what kind
of services they offer. Understand what is it that they are offering to you and why do you want to take
up the opportunity, so that you can explain it to your interviewer.

Know about the job description

A job posting is extremely important for the candidate to understand what it is that the employer is
exactly looking for. Be clear what is the position you are applying for, if your interviews may be based on
technical knowledge or analytical skills. Identify the skills essential for the employer, brush them up if
you already have them; in case you don’t, be honest during the interview process.

Brush up your skills

You might have been working in the field of FinTech for quite some time now, however, it is important
to brush up your skills. Once you’re all set t go for a job interview, identify skills and techniques you
haven’t used in some time. Read up, gather as much knowledge as you can while you are at it, watch
videos on YouTube, take a certificate course or an online crash course if there’s dearth of time. It is
always useful to re-learn.

Prep for common interview questions related to your field

To avoid those sweat beads from appearing on your forehead every time you’re asked a question,
prepare in advance. Have a list of anticipated questions commonly asked during Fintech interviews. You
will be able to find online guides and blog posts on the internet that may help you with the same; also,
sometimes you come across tips that help you understand what kind of an answer a hiring manager
might be looking for to a particular question.

State the best of your professional abilities

While your technical knowledge is important along with the skill set you bring to the table, it is also
important to demonstrate your expertise as a FinTech professional. State examples of how you handled
difficult instances at work. It is important to showcase that you can function well as part of a team as
well as an individual.

Be confident even when you do not know an answer

In case you’ve been asked a difficult question to which you do not know the answer to, be confident and
admit that you do not know the same. Make sure that you don’t come across as arrogant but remember
to be confident to the best of your abilities.

Always remember that your role as a FinTech professional would be to ensure that your organisation is
running smoothly along with providing solutions to multiple problems, liaise with different departments,
exhibit exceptional management skills along with good communication abilities.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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