How this Investment Banking course by IIM Calcutta is the need for every finance professional

best investment banking and capital market courses

A career in investment banking can be regarded as an ideal fit as it is one of the most important fields in everyone’s life. Mostly dealing with long-term goals and short-term plans in order to acquire and dispose of portfolio holdings, activities such as budgeting and tax services are involved in this job. Always required, be it in a family or an organization, it has zero chances of fading out as a career option.

Effective investment management is necessary for all aspects, especially in the field of wealth management. This is why if you are deciding to pursue a position in this field, then the first step you consider is to enrol in the best interdisciplinary course available.

Imarticus Executive Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets will provide you with the best classes taken by the renowned faculty of IIM Calcutta. Along with financial managerial skills, this course offers the required technical skills and practical knowledge. It also deals with industrial segments, such as the Capstone Project. 

However, here is the reason why this program is the ideal fit for you as an aimer of being a financial professional.

Imarticus Executive Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets:

This course on investment banking and capital markets can be considered an ideal fit as it will live up to all of your expectations. Here are the following reasons why it is the best investment banking program available online:-


  • Feasible timings: Taking place for over 1 year, the classes for this course are during weekends. This program will allow you to balance your full-time courses or your work timings. It will bring about an up-gradation to your CV instantly without too many hassles. 
  • Distinctive Curriculum Details: The program contains modules at both intermediary and advanced levels, something which is not available in other online courses. At the intermediary level, modules such as financial accounting, management, and financial economics are taught to boost up your basics. If you clear out on the exams, then the next level deals with the advanced courses. This mostly contains topics such as equity capital market and debt capital market. Additional topics include security market research, portfolio fund management and other market regulations. Overall, this can help you understand the fundamentals of investment banking.
  • Enhancement of work profile: This course is conducted by the experienced faculty of IIM Calcutta, which marks as a guarantee as to why it is an ideal course in the field of investment banking. IIM Calcutta also allows 30 hours of the in-house program at the campus itself along with field surveys. A certificate will be also provided by the faculty only if you pass the course. This will build in a personal experience for you as well as a well-enriched CV which should be extremely helpful for your future goals.
  • Peer Groups and Networks: Regardless of being an online course, it will help you to successfully create ties with several people. This would enhance your professional as well as personal relations, leading to better intellectual growth. The program will also offer you contact with major industrial tycoons, which can be extremely beneficial for you. 
  • Selection Criteria: A minimum of 50% in your graduation/post-graduation along with a work experience of 2 years is the main requirement. After passing this portion, an online exam is conducted to consider whether you are eligible for the course or not. These practical methods show how every student in this course has a chance to perform well in investment banking. This proves your quench for knowledge and eagerness for the subject if you qualify for the program.



Hence, this suggests how Imarticus Executive Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets is the best online course available in the scope of finance. This will not only help to boost your resume but also pave your way to becoming a successful professional.

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