How Gamification is Reshaping Corporate Training? Evolution of Gaming!

Gamification in Corporate Training

Life is but a game!

Games have always played an important role in learning. From lion cubs practicing hunting while playing catch with their siblings to rulers segregating part of its subjects to be gamed with.

Games encourage problem-solving through trial and error. Further, results are timed and compared with your fellows to encourage efficiency in the gaming system.


Gamification is nouning games.

Gamification makes a name for itself by implementing gaming objectives in an otherwise mundane work environment. The primary aim to motivate spirits to gain engagement and participation from the happy millennial and Gen-Z workforce, thus balance employee experience and productivity by controlling the amount of pressure on employees; all in an oh-so playful manner. The days where whips could build pyramids are not coming back. Being a natural course, gamification attracts our primal instincts and is an innate way to positively impact workforce driven bottom-line results.

Earlier, marketers and businesses followed set templates to drive results from a plethora of situations. This includes routine procedures for developing regulations. Now, however, personalization is the key to successful gaming. The broad areas to personalize games include eLearning, health and wellness, and external motivation for instant gratification.


By the pricking of our thumbs something delightful this way comes!

The days of brick and mortar learning are but far away. eLearning has made learning informal and enjoyable. The aim to structure learning to suit the learner so learning happens and is not forced upon. Being adults, one sure way is to provide a platform to practice skills to overcome real life challenges through enhanced understanding.

Carrots and sticks for our bunnies! eLearning makes learning exciting through batches for achievements, level-ups that make you sense success and timers that keep away inactivity. Carrots and sticks keep you on your tiptoes to keep walking.

Health and Wellness

Huzza! The mind is willing and the body, strong!

Gamification can avoid such a scenario and take you to the brink of performance for maximum productivity without a burn-out. Gamified apps will keep an eye on your health and wellness through technology to know how much more can you stretch. Applications track your footsteps, emotions, and what you eat in a happy-go-lucky manner to cultivate productive habits. Achievements, like walking miles and avoiding fat, are awarded to keep you going.


Honey-dew! Where Are You?

Organizations implement gamification at every stage of the supply chain to all participants involved – suppliers, customers, and employees. Like a bee craves honey, the extrinsic motivator in us craves satisfaction through stimulus. This responsiveness to stimuli is what gamification feeds on to inspire us to work hard through promotions and performance appraisals – bespoke or otherwise - resulting in improving our quality of work and boosting confidence. The key is to know what stimulates the employees or what keeps them interested.


Though gamification is a natural course to enhance productivity, the tools; through informed bespoke decisions should not be used as a mechanism to leech learnings, health and wellness, and organizational well-being by harming people. After all, learning made us human.

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