How Do I Move to Investment Banking?

Investment Banking Courses Online

Investment banks help their clients in generating capital and giving financial advice. Firms/organizations take the aid of an investment banker to find suitable investment opportunities. Investment bankers help new firms and startups in going public by acting as a mediator between security issuers and investors.

Investment bankers assist their clients in selling equity & issuing debt. They also provide financial advisory services & help in making better financial decisions. One can get into the investment banking industry by occupying the necessary skillset via Investment banking courses online.

Let us see how to get into the Investment banking sector.

Key Skills Required for Investment Banking

The key skills you have to learn to get into the Investment banking sector are:

  1. Investment banking required good analytical skills. You should be good with numerology and quantitative analysis. Investment bankers are required to present a detailed analysis of business plans or investment opportunities. They have to embed investment ventures with facts and figures to make them more understandable to the client.
  2. You should have good communication & presentation skills to get into the investment banking sector. You must be able to persuade the client and sell your idea.
  3. You must have good networking skills to know about the market condition, business trends, etc.
  4. You should be able to read and analyze financial statements & give aid to clients during important financial decisions.
  5. You should know about deal structuring to become a successful investment banker. You should be able to close deals sequentially.
  6. Investment bankers are required to prepare financial models for their clients around which their business strategy revolves. Investment bankers are familiar with different types of financial models and when to use them. You must also be good with applications/platforms used in the investment banking sector like Microsoft Excel, VBA, etc.

Qualification for Investment Banking

There is no compulsion of any specific degree for getting into the Investment banking sector. Many people start their careers as an accountant and late move to investment banking. You can get a bachelor's degree in economics, business administration, finance, mathematics, etc. to get into investment banking. One can also learn from an online Investment banking course offered by a reliable source like Imarticus Learning.

Bachelor degree holders are mainly recruited for analyst positions & master degree holders are recruited at the associate position. You can build a successful career path in investment banking via the industry-oriented learning offered by Imarticus Learning. One can also do internships in the related field to gain more experience and understand the working culture of the investment banking industry.

Major Job Types

One should know about the different job roles in the investment banking sector so that a targeted study can be done. Some of the prominent job types in investment banking are Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Financial Advisor, Rating Analysts, Retail Brokers, Public Finance, Equity Analysts, Project Finance, etc. You can evaluate your skillset and can choose a career field in which you can upskill rapidly. One can also research what firms for looking in candidates who are applying for an investment banker.

Imarticus Learning will provide you classes taught via experienced faculty along with real-life case studies. You will also get placement support via Imarticus Learning and a lot of people have already built their career with Imarticus Learning.

You can choose an institutional degree or online courses for gaining the skills needed in the investment banking sector. There are a lot of growth opportunities in the investment banking sector and there is a need for skilled professionals who can analyze the market and help in raising capital. Grab your Investment banking course now!


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