How Can You Secure A Cloud Computing Job?

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How Can You Secure A Cloud Computing Job?

Cloud computing has taken over the world of IT, and not without reason. According to one survey, 73% of enterprises in North America use cloud services at present. The popularity of cloud computing also means an increasing demand for cloud computing jobs. There are plenty of opportunities for job seekers who have the skillsets best suited for this fast-developing field.

What are the career paths in Cloud Computing?

There are many career paths in cloud computing. The most common is the Cloud Engineer, who uses the cloud to develop and deliver products and services. 

Another path is the Systems Administrator, which involves maintaining servers, networks, and storage devices for its IT infrastructure. 

Get a solid background knowledge of cloud computing platforms and technologies.

There are two leading cloud computing platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. 

AWS is currently the market leader, boasting more certifications and more users than any provider. If you want to get into the cloud game, you'll probably spend most of your time learning about AWS.

However, if you're a Windows developer or otherwise looking for a job using Microsoft's products, Azure may be a better choice for you as well. 

GCP is also worth considering because it supports languages like Java and Python—and Google has recently made strides in offering support for its platform with several new features.

Technical skills should be your primary focus.

The best way to secure a job as a cloud computing engineer is to demonstrate your technical skills and knowledge in the area. Cloud computing engineers are responsible for designing and implementing cloud computing solutions, which means they must understand the technology itself and how businesses can use these technologies.

Finally: Don't forget about certifications! Many companies require their employees who work with customers directly (like account managers) to hold certifications. Others may ask those who sell products directly at retail outlets. In contrast, others might require those working remotely with customers through social media platforms like Twitter.

Learn cloud computing basics to help you navigate the rest of your learning journey.

There are three main categories of cloud computing basics:

  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals - Learn about the history of cloud computing and how it has evolved into what we know today.
  • Cloud Computing Services - This section covers different types of cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and their benefits/challenges/use cases.
  • Cloud Computing Challenges - Understand why security concerns still outbreak many companies adopting cloud technology. They also need to understand how those issues affect them directly and what steps they can take to fix them so that their business doesn't suffer from them any more!

Certifications are a great way to demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of the technology. 

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