How Can You Prepare For a New Age Banking Interview?

New Age Banking

Personalization and digitization have transformed all banking sectors ranging from identifying customers, successfully disseminating personalized information, on-boarding the client, doing due-diligence at all stages of acceptance, lending and requests until the final disbursements of loans or funds. Turning away from traditional banking procedures has meant that new age banking training has become a must to keep pace with technological and evolutionary changes in the banking system.

What is new-age banking?

New-age banking challenges hence involve upgrading traditional banking business to cutting-edge services offering services in the following three areas of online lending, banking services, and Forex transactions.

Online Lending: 

Take the case of IndusInd Bank. Their loans are now pre-approved and the ETB users log into the portal and get instant loans after meeting the online eligibility criteria. Besides, they have ramped up the loans on consumer durables, securitized loans, and more digitizing those long and time-consuming loan processes into paper-less, pre-approved seamlessly online instant transactions.

Transactions in FOREX:

This trending market also covers travel cards that are multi-currency, currency exchange at market rates and delivery of local currency at kiosks or the airport for foreign travelers. The easy on-boarding and reloading, Blockchain based security, direct product deliveries against cash-on-receipt; easy conversions of FOREX, etc are some of the USPs.

Personalized Banking Services:
 Customization of banking services through requests has made visiting the bank unnecessarily obsolete. Almost all banks have portals for account management, and payment platforms like BHIM and QR scans like PayTM have meant digitization and cashless transactions leading to higher C-SAT ratings.

Skills for a new-age banker:

To become bankable as a new-age banker be prepared to work with new age banking courses on the following attributes. You will need to have a sound academic record and at least a graduation degree. You will need  

  • Fluency in English communication. 
  • Excellent forecasting, predictive and analytical skills.
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Sound foundations in subject-expertise are very desirable.
  • Strong manipulative skills in Excel VB Macros and such financial software.

The how-to of the interview:

New-age banking has become click dependent! Here are some tips to crack the difficult new-age banking interviews.

1. Do a course:

Firstly, consider doing New Age Banking Courses at reputed Imarticus Learning. Besides the most comprehensive curriculum, they emphasize resume building, personality development, practical project and assignment work and much more. 

2. Research your information on the job, bank, and role:

Don’t take the Imarticus new-age banking course with placement for granted. The questions you should focus on will be your academic and family background, any breaks in academics, weaknesses, strengths, why you deserve hiring and such. A lot of information is available on the bank websites and the internet too.

3. Practice and be well-prepared for the interview:

Being prepared is half the battle won! Make a list of interviewer questions and focus on what the interviewer wants from you. Here’s a cheat-list questionnaire.

General type:

  • What does banking mean to you?
  • Talk me through your CV.
  • What does the role/ present market condition mean to you?
  • What do you think this bank values can achieve?
  • Why do you want to become a banker?
  • What are your achievements/ weaknesses/ strengths?
  • How do you handle leadership/stress/ failure/ accomplishments?
  • Why do you think you should be hired?

Technical type:

  • Explain what this means to you. Financial models/ valuation methods like DCF/ Weighted capital costs/ deferred tax assets and such topics
  • How can you use bank earnings?
  • Explain how different new-age banking is?

4. Keep situational case-studies undertaken handy:

Try to link your answers with the case-studies to emphasize your learning and show coherent logical thinking throughout the interview. Polish your presentation and communication skills while practicing.

5. Dress suitably:

The new-age banker is neatly and respectfully dressed. Your attire also showcases your character, goals, and beliefs and helps make the client ready to trust you. 


The total payouts in new-age banking roles are performance and bonuses oriented and are extremely well-paying in comparison to other jobs. Doing the New Age Banking Training;course helps you earn a global measurable certification which validates your skills and knowledge and is acceptable as real-life experience of the new-age banking procedures and experience requirements preferred by most employers.

In parting, if you wish to learn all about the new-age banking course with placement career- course, do your course with the reputed Imarticus Learning to emerge right atop of the rushing crowds of banking career aspirants. Hurry! Admissions are limited in every batch.

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