How Can Freshers Build a Career in Investment Banking?

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Competition within the investment banking industry has risen significantly, and as such, freshers often find it challenging to gain a foothold in the industry. We spoke to Anmol, a student of the investment banking training course to get his take on the course and understand how this course could help freshers become investment bankers.
Hey, my name is Anmol Indurkhya, and I am a B. Com graduate and an aspiring investment banker.
Finance has been a part of my life ever since I could read numbers. It has always fascinated me because I enjoy working with the share market, derivatives, fund accounting, equity derivatives and the like. After graduating, I began looking for an avenue into the investment banking industry and came across Imarticus Learning.
Based on your experience, what’s your opinion of the Investment Banking course?
The investment banking operations program at Imarticus is a short-term course but has long-term prospects. The course transforms freshers into job-ready investment banking professionals through the comprehensive curriculum, hands-on learning, and mentorship. Moreover, the course offers placements at leading banks, and this is one of the most essential aspects of the program according to me.
How has your personality changed since you joined Imarticus?
Before I joined Imarticus Learning, I was an introvert and couldn’t interact confidently with my peers and colleagues. This drawback was a challenge to overcome, however, during the course, the many presentations I gave, and the interactive sessions helped me open up. My communication skills have also improved because of soft skills training and mock interviews. Overall, my experience has been a great one.
Would you recommend the Investment banking course at Imarticus Learning?
Well, I already have recommended the course to two of my friends who want to enter investment banking! So yes, I definitely would recommend the course and would give 5-star to Imarticus Learning review
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What, according to you, is the best part of the course?
First – I have been placed at BNP Paribas through Imarticus Learning. So yes, the placement services are one of the best things about the course.
Second – the trainers at Imarticus are exceptional, knowledgeable, and incorporate practical learning to a great extent. Kalpesh Sir and Lourdes Ma’am deserve special mention because they have been approachable and immensely supportive throughout the course.
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