How AT and Analytics Work at OpenText Enterprise World

OpenText customers must surely understand the value that Artificial Intelligence Systems and analytics offers to them, by now. AI is quickly trending around the world as the go-to system for many tech enterprises since it offers the capability of processing a large amount of data within a short time to get some amazing insights and suggestions from that.
OpenText is one of the leaders in Enterprise Information Management, and works to create an intelligent, connected enterprise for the benefits of its customers. Such a structure can be created only after in-depth analyses of large amounts of data – however, it leads to some amazing insights for the customers to benefits from.
OpenText employs the best minds in the industry, with most of the employees learning to use business analytics and undergoing data science courses in some capacity or the other. This is done so as to get a competitive advantage over the others, and thus provide better services to the customers. Some of the questions dealt with in the OpenText conference, regarding their functioning includes the ones discussed below.


Business Intelligence refers to the long tradition of using analytics to get a competitive edge in business processes, by qualitatively analysing the data available. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a more recent development – using computers and machine learning algorithms, large troves of data are analysed so as to get an idea about the best way to move forward. AI deals more with predictive analysis so that the customer receives a clear idea about the benefits and negatives associated with a particular action.
So which way would be suitable for the current business scenario? The answer is that both, in a balance – AI and BI are now converging, and organisations are increasingly becoming insight-driven from data-driven.

How Data Can Help Build a Better World

The constant between both BI and AI is that both require a large amount of data to work well. Companies, therefore, have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the world with their philanthropic ambitions, if the available data is used well. Today, large amounts of innovations are coming out every day which deal with the methods using which AI can be used to make the world a better place with every passing day.
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