AI Pitfalls: The Reality of Implementing AI

There is no denying the rapid rise of AI. Since 2012, AI has become an almost essential part of every sector of business. 

In medical sectors, AI is making breakthroughs, be it precision surgery, making it safer to go under the knife or in banking, the AI interface has made transactions and customer care-a breeze to walk through, AI is even making its way into the F&B industry with automated smart stoves and microwaves.

Consider most tools you use on a day to day basis have AI, your smartphone now can be unlocked by facial recognition and biometric scanning, both are developments in AI. Your home security system has the same features. You can now enable smart home features using AI products like Alexa from Amazon.

The potential for AI in businesses too is immense, consider that your company can have an automated assistant to perform any task a person would have had to do in the past, this includes making appointments, sending out reminders for important dates and filing.

Artificial Intelligence can also be used for employee recruitment, simply enter specifics into your AI database and let the candidates be chosen for you in minutes. The same can be said of the research, no matter what business you run, you will need research and development models, AI voice search engines like Siri and Alexa in the workplace can streamline research time by providing ready solutions to specific problems.

There is a catch, however, while the potential and benefits of AI are immense, it is important for small businesses to understand that this tech is still in its infancy. Therefore, pitfalls will follow. One of the most common pitfalls for companies looking to integrate or implement AI in their offices is that they are caught up in the hype of the potential of AI rather than what it can currently do for you now.

Another major pitfall to consider when looking at AI for companies is AI management requires an adequate IT team who are knowledgeable in the field, since the field itself is in its infancy, finding adequate management help can be tricky.

One major pitfall to keep in mind is that while AI can reduce costs for operations of a business, it is essential that you don’t depend on AI for all your organization's solutions, AI has not reached a level of customization where it can solve your company’s unique problems with general solutions. One more major pitfall of using AI in the office is that it can create insecurities amongst the employees, AI still carries an air of mystery which can cause insecurities to the human element in the office, thus creating an unstable working environment.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that AI has immense growth potential and has the ability to streamline your business for the better. It also is still growing including the skill required to manage it. The limitations of AI for your organization specifically and the impact of AI on your employees are all pitfalls you must consider before implementing AI on your company or office specifically.

So before you integrate that AI system to your business, understand what AI can and cannot do for you and your company rather than what it may be able to do in the future due to its potential.

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