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Artificial intelligence is helping us during the time of one of the biggest crises in the world. It explains why youth today want to focus on having artificial intelligence training for a better career ahead.

Currently, AI helps diagnose health risks, deliver services, discover new drugs, track coronavirus infections around us, and much more. The pandemic is becoming more significant by the day, but AI is coming to the rescue through different forms of its usage.

It is not only helping researchers, scientists, and doctors to secure people’s lives but tech firms and governments to keep everyone aware. These industries are jointly working towards making the world COVID free.

CoRover teaches us to use the artificial intelligence career at its best

Recently, a start-up driven by artificial intelligence, named CoRover, create a conversational platform. It helps businesses offer authentic information to customers instantly and automatically. The system works with the help of an AI-based doctor-video bot named AskDoc.

The bot addresses queries about coronavirus, transmission, and preventive measures. It includes multilingual voice formats and text formats. Thus, it helps Indians with diverse language options like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. It also includes German and French languages.

How does AskDoc work?

AskDoc helps users get automated replies about COVID-19 and safety protocols given by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It also provides information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of India.

To ask questions, users need to log into the app. They can use voice recognition or send videos to get replies. Once the app receives a query, the chatbot backend passes it through several layers of its framework.

One can access AskDoc from their laptops other than the app. It offers a chat-based portal that replies to basic questions. Even after going through layers of understanding of the data provided, the answers are pretty quick and specific.

The app helps people interact with healthcare experts across the world. They can ask questions about coronavirus and have diverse knowledge about dealing with it.

How is CoRover making an impact with AI?

The team that made CoRover is currently working towards email integration, as it is also a major source of information. It will help several government-based platforms to get quick answers.

The company also introduced Ask Disha, a conversational AI platform with more than 20 billion interactions by more than 200 million people. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it helps connect administrative staff, travelers, verified service providers, and more. The recently growing company from Bangalore has already applied for two patents for its product.

Chatbots with AI are not new and know the right way of using empathy and emotions to connect to humans. These work as efficient virtual assistants and help medical experts, medical staff, patients, and families in several cases.

The chatbots created for health only focus on aspects of healthcare. Currently, chatbots for health are increasing due to the coronavirus pandemic. With voice recognition and text formats, these can reach out to people as other humans do.

Many businesses are incorporating chatbots to offer information about COVID-19. Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and WHO have chatbots on their websites to provide quick information about the virus. Several governments are also incorporating the same to keep their people aware and safe.

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