Highest Paying Supply Chain Jobs in 2023

global chief supply chain and operations officers course

The need for an efficient and productive supply chain grows as businesses expand and globalise. Supply chain professionals play an essential role in streamlining operations, lowering costs, and increasing overall profitability for businesses. The job market for supply chain experts has seen extraordinary development and profitable opportunities as the complexity and demand for supply chain management have increased.

By leveraging the right supply chain analytics course, you can become a part of this high-paying domain. However, what exactly are the supply chain jobs that are paying well?

We have curated a list of the highest paying supply chain jobs in 2023 that aspiring supply chain professionals can explore and aim for with the right skills and courses!

Logistics Manager

global supply chain management and operations officers course

Logistics managers are in charge of organising the movement and storage of items in order to maintain a seamless supply chain flow. They manage transportation, warehousing, and distribution systems in order to maximise efficiency while lowering costs. Success in this profession requires knowledge of logistics software, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to handle complicated processes. 

Average Annual Salary: INR 6,25,137

Supply Chain Analytics Manager

In supply chain management, data-driven decision-making is becoming increasingly important. Managers of supply chain analytics are in charge of gathering, analysing, and interpreting supply chain data in order to discover areas for improvement and cost-cutting potential. They collaborate closely with data scientists and supply chain teams to implement data-driven plans. 

Candidates must be competent in data analysis and applied analytics tools in order thoroughly understand supply chain procedures and flourish in this post. 

Average Annual Salary: INR 9,43,036

Global Commodity Manager

The position of a Global Commodity Manager is a highly important and well-compensated role in the business world. Global Commodity Managers are responsible for overseeing the sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management of critical commodities used in the company's products or services. They are entrusted with developing strategies to optimise costs, manage risks, and ensure a stable supply of essential materials from various global suppliers.

 Average Annual Salary: INR 21,00,000

Strategic Chief Operating Officer

In today's organisations, the function of a Strategic Chief Operating Officer (COO) is becoming increasingly important. Unlike traditional COOs primarily concerned with day-to-day operations, a Strategic COO adopts a more proactive and visionary approach, integrating operational strategies with the overarching business objectives established by the CEO and the board. This executive is responsible for establishing the company's strategic direction, ensuring effective execution, and fostering long-term success.

Average Annual Salary: INR 30,21,577

Procurement Director

Procurement directors oversee the purchasing process, manage vendor relationships, and negotiate contracts to ensure that the organisation receives the best rates and terms possible. They seek to reduce supply chain risks, ensure timely deliveries, and keep costs low. This position requires a good history in procurement, negotiation abilities, and strategic thinking. 

Average Annual Salary: INR 44,38,980

Supply Chain Director

The role of a Supply Chain Director is of paramount importance as they are responsible for overseeing the entire supply chain process, ensuring seamless coordination between various departments, optimising inventory levels, and enhancing operational efficiency. Their strategic decision-making directly impacts cost reduction, timely delivery, and overall profitability. 

Due to the critical nature of their responsibilities and their substantial impact on a company's success, Supply Chain Directors are highly sought-after professionals, commanding higher salaries and compensation packages.

Average Annual Salary: INR 54,00,000


The supply chain business is quickly evolving, providing diversified and well-paying employment opportunities for individuals from various disciplines. Supply chain professionals are in high demand as firms prioritise efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Perceiving the growing significance of supply chain jobs, courses like Strategic Chief Operating Officer course can add great value to your resume.

One such course seeking interest from supply chain aspirants is Executive Certificate Programme for Strategic Chief Operating Officers offered by Imarticus in collaboration with IIM Raipur. With this IIM operating officer course, candidates are bound to experience a skyrocketing career in supply chain management!

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