Here's why music created by AI is better than you think

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is capable of carrying out tasks that are much more advanced than just arranging words to generate lyrics. AI already has the ability to offer an immersive listening experience by adapting to a user’s preference. As seen in Spotify and Apple Music for a long time, AI systems understand the user’s preference and recommend songs that the user will enjoy.

AI has gone a step further and now is also able to compose completely personalized music for users. AI can understand certain benchmarks such as harmony, structure, and balance, using which, AI models can generate songs or background music based on the input provided by the user.

Is AI Capable of Creating Better Music Than Humans?

If AI is able to compose music without human supervision, people who need background tracks or copyright-free songs might not need music producers or artists as much as they currently do. Purchasing AI-created music also is easier as there are no royalties while the music generation process would be faster and available on demand.

Yes, with vast amounts of data and training, AI can help in creating a very capable autonomous music generation system, however, it will still be relying on historic data and other pieces of music in order to generate future songs. But, due to the vast amount of data available, the probabilities are limitless and if taught to truly identify good music, AI can become capable of generating hit songs one after another using the very same data.

Even coming up with new songs are just mathematical likelihoods for AI and by analyzing enough combinations, AI is bound to come up with good music. Similarly, meaningful lyrics can also be generated with Natural Language Processing or NLP. However, it will take a while till AI systems become as sensitive to the context of lyrics and innovative in using musical notes.

How AI is Helping in Creating Music?

Even though completely AI-generated music has not reached the Billboards Top 10 yet, services such as AIVA uses AI and Deep Learning models for composing soundtracks and music for users. This helps both small content creators and mainstream celebrities generate music for YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitch or Instagram. This is a cheaper alternative as well. Amper is another great online tool for content creators and non-musicians to make royalty-free music based on their own preferences and parameters. Amper has been created by the music composers who are behind creating the soundtrack for movies such as ‘The Dark Knight’. 

Alex the Kid is a UK-based Grammy-nominated music producer who has used ‘heartbreak’ as a theme and with the help of Machine Learning (ML) and Analytics, has created the hit song ‘Not Easy’. The song even features celebrity music artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Sam Harris, and Elle King.

The hit song had reached the 4th rank in iTunes’ ‘Hot Tracks’ chart within 2 days of its release. Alex used IBM Watson for analyzing billboard songs of the last 5 years as well as cultural and socially relevant content, scripts, or artifacts in order for including references to these elements within the song. Then, the producer used Watson BEAT, the ML-driven music generation algorithm powering the cognitive system for coming up with various musical backgrounds till he found the most suitable combination. 


Artificial intelligence and Machine learning courses can definitely help one learn AI topics for getting involved in interesting projects such as those mentioned above. A Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence course, such as one offered by Imarticus, are essential for building AI systems such as soundtrack generators or lyrics generators. 

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