2022- The Wake-Up Call for Strong Logistics Management?

supply chain management and analytics course

The global pandemic was a downward spiral for several industries but the logistics industry handled it as a wake-up call. Even though there are several areas where they incurred loss, the overall outcome of the pandemic proved to be positive for it. Increased use of AI-driven technologies has helped this industry map a new strategy for the upcoming years. 

The last two years have been a learning curve for the logistics industry so, in the year 2022, the industry needs to strategize its moves for the upcoming years. With the help of the latest technologies, those who have completed a Logistics and supply chain management course could extend their services to change the overall face of this industry. 

Future of logistics industry in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the supply chain system to shift from the low-cost management system to an agile framework of data-driven technologies. A major percentage of companies in this industry have already invested in such technologies. It helped the management to make decisions based on the data. The future of this industry will be seen in some key areas. The future trends in these areas are mentioned here. 

  • Better visibility

One of the strong positive outcomes of the pandemic is higher visibility of the supply chain system. The real-time tracking of the consignments and instant feedback from the customers etc will enable the companies to have a re-evaluation of themselves. They can use the data to make appropriate decisions and make their service more impactful. 

  • Optimized network

A logistics company may be provisioning shipments internationally, nationally, and in local areas. They must have a quality optimized network to have customized changes according to the region and the behavior of the customers. 

  • Changing customer expectations

When the supply chain system has improved its functioning the expectations of the customers have also increased many folds. They expect lower costs with faster shipping and a simplified return policy. They are even ready to pay for the same-day delivery so the companies must comply with such demands and make the necessary changes. 

  • Better risk mitigation

Utilizing centralized data to come up with reliable forecasting plays a huge role in preventing losses. The major steps that can prevent loss or risk are automation and optimization of the various processes. It helps minimize the possible errors. This is one of the strong points that you can learn from a supply chain management online course

  • Stronger relationship management

A resilient industry requires stronger relationships between the various departments and the personnel involved. A larger company may find it difficult to comply with this but they can share the data among all the departments and bring them all to the same page. This will eliminate the issue of lack of visibility in the lower levels of the chain. 


The best approach for logistics companies is to hire professionals who are trained to achieve these goals. They can understand the changes much better and can also come up with successful strategies that have a positive impact and reduce risks. 

One of the best and most popular choices for the aspirants is to choose the Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics course from Imarticus. The course is in collaboration with IIT Roorkee. 

This course will be ideal to prepare you for the job description of a Supply Planning Analyst, Supply And Operations Planner, or Logistics Manager with the right knowledge in the key operational areas. Upskilling with the latest technologies and methods will be essential to understand future trends so that you can make appropriate decisions. 

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