Here’s How Python Is Perfect for AI and Machine Learning

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Programming languages are the base of computer science and have many applications. However, there are many programming languages and it gets hard to choose one. According to Wikipedia, there are close to 700 programming languages at present. However, some sources say that this number is actually 9,000.

If you are to learn new-age technologies, you will have to learn them with a programming language. For example, you need a programming language to design AI/ML algorithms. AI/ML experts rely on Python for designing smart algorithms. Continue reading to know why Python is perfect for AI and ML at present.

Easy coding structure and less coding

New-age technologies like AI and ML themselves are complex. You don’t want a complex programming language to add to the difficulty level. You do not have to prove anyone by using the most complex programming language. Instead, you want to increase your productivity by using an easy-to-use programming language for AI/ML projects.

The syntax (coding structure) of Python can be easily understood even by a beginner. The syntax is a set of rules that defines how to code in any particular programming language. Python is an intuitive language that involves less code than other programming languages. If you have to complete AI/ML projects quickly, learn Python.

Rich libraries of Python for AI/ML

Most of the AI/ML use Python due to its reusable libraries. A Python library is a unique piece of code that has pre-defined functions. The chunk of code in a Python library will do a specific task and can be used as many times. When a library is offering you functionality, you don’t need to write down the code yourselves.

Python has many libraries that are specially dedicated to AI and ML. Some of the Python libraries helpful for AI/ML projects are Pandas, Scikit-learn, Keras, Matplotlib, Caffe, NumPy, PyBrain, TensorFlow, etc. Not to forget, using a Python library can save you time when working on AI/ML projects. Many AI/ML experts learn Python just for its useful libraries for AI and ML.

Python is highly compatible

Python can be used on different operating systems easily. It can be used on Windows, macOS, Unix, and many other operating systems. To be exact, Python is compatible with around 25 operating systems. You can also transfer a chunk of code in Python from one platform to another with ease. You only have to make a few changes to transfer Python code from one platform to other. Python follows a procedural and imperative style for coding that helps beginners. You can choose to either use OOP or scripting in Python based on your AI/ML project.

How to master AI/ML with Python?

You need to choose an AI and machine learning course that uses Python as a programming language. Imarticus Learning offers AI and machine learning courses that include Python and other technologies used in the industry. Imarticus is known to provide an industry-oriented curriculum to young enthusiasts which, makes them job-ready.

One can go for the Certification in AI & ML circulated by Imarticus. The machine learning & artificial intelligence certification is endorsed by IIT Guwahati which is a leading tech institution in India. This course will teach you how to approach AI and ML with Python. You will also work on numerous industry projects that will help you master AI and ML.


Besides being easy to use, Python offers high flexibility and platform independence. Most AI/ML experts save time by using Python to design smart algorithms. You can go for the ML/artificial intelligence certification course offered by Imarticus to learn more. Start learning AI/ML with Python right away! 

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