Here’s why you should be a Business Analyst?

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If you have an inclination towards the BA space, here’s what your personality should look like..

Like resolving problems?

Do you get very frustrated when being dragged through a poorly thought-out process.

Concept Detector?

You might not be the one with the best concepts, but you know a great concept when you see one. And you are motivated to see through that idea when everyone else’s attention has moved on to the next great thing.

Help People Communicate:

You always seem to sense when people are talking to each other but not communicating with each other. And you’re at your happiest when jumping into the discussion to clarify things.

Like to work independently?

Maybe as much as two thirds of your day. Business analysts tend to spend about 2/3 of their time working independently and 1/3 of their time in meetings and interacting with stakeholders.

Also a great team -player?

If you had to spend the other third of your day all alone working on some technical problem or doing repetitive work, you might just pack up your things and quit.

Are you a bit like a 2-year-old?

Always asking why, why, why. (Although good BAs ask why with finesse, something we teach you how to do in our Essential Elicitation Skills course.)

Like to build on your deep business experience?

Whether as a subject matter expert, technical writer, project manager, sales person or recruiter, just to name a few possibilities. All of this experience you have adds up to something and has prepared you to be a great business analyst.

Like earning more money?

Given that the average salary of a business analyst in the U.S. is over 80K/year, many professionals are attracted by the prospect of a nice pay increase once they solidify their BA career.
There are various ways to get into a Business Analysis career, one of which is to get lucky and wait for the opportunity to knock your door, and the other is to upgrade and grab it yourself. There are various business analyst training courses in India, this being a practical & interactive role, getting into an online training is not much of a help. To know more about business analyst training classes led by an industry expert (Classroom), to know more Click Here.
Sohail Merchant - Team Imarticus

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