Fundamentals of Capital Markets Certification: Capital Markets And Derivatives Training

Capital Markets Certification

Every company has a finance division and participates in the capital markets. Therefore, many businesses hire capital markets professionals to assist and provide various financial services. This industry currently has many job opportunities, and a capital market certification from Imarticus Learning can help you land one. 

Understanding the Fundamentals of Capital Markets and Derivatives

Students who want to pursue a career in the capital markets need to enrol in a financial services and capital markets course. This will allow them to learn and specialise in various fields. However, there are a few fundamentals that you should know. 

Capital markets certifications usually include specific fundamental mathematics topics. These are simple and compound interest, a comparison between effective and nominal rates, the present value of an annuity, and conversion of present values into future values. As preparation for a career in the capital markets, you must know these fundamentals. 

You also need to learn about derivatives. In finance or capital markets, a derivative is a kind of contract. The value of this financial contract either depends on several assets, one underlying asset, or a particular benchmark. Derivatives usually occur between two parties, individuals or companies, who can trade over-the-counter, or on an exchange. If two parties use derivatives, they can trade any number of assets they want and carry the risks. Professionals in the capital markets have to assess the risks and financial securities that enable the derivatives to be created. 

While it is essential to know the basics, you need to receive in-depth knowledge. This is possible through a certificate course in financial services and capital markets. 

Where Can You Receive the Best Training in Capital Markets? 

Suppose you want to have a successful career in the financial sector, particularly in capital markets. In that case, you need to get certified as an expert in the field. At Imarticus Learning, we offer the Advanced Management Program in Financial Services and Capital Markets to ensure such expertise. This capital markets training program is focused on industry conditions and is in collaboration with IIM Lucknow. It is an intensive course that continues for three months. It focuses on various aspects of financial services, from fundamentals to capital markets, compliance, equity research, FinTech, risk management, and more. Therefore, you will get to choose which subject you wish to specialise on and learn from the experts. During the live lectures online, academicians and professionals will interact with students. We encourage all our students to interact and network with the experts and their peers. This will help you develop soft skills and allow you to have a presence and learn more. The curriculum that we have designed is an AMP curriculum, including simulations and Capstone projects. These projects will help you focus on industry problems and real-world issues to provide relevant solutions. We also ensure campus immersion for all students at IIM Lucknow. You will spend 36 hours on-campus, which will give you an opportunity for peer networking. 

The Advanced Management Program in Financial Services and Capital Markets is excellent for working professionals or graduates. We prefer students with a graduate degree and at least two years of work experience. However, you can apply if you have a diploma but considerable experience. Once you enrol, you will receive the best training. At the end of the course, you will be ready to enter the industry as an expert in financial services and capital markets. 

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