Fuelling Business Growth and Innovation with Investment Banking Operations

Investment banking is that division within the banking sector that facilitates large capital funding for corporations and governmental bodies. Common perceptions make us immediately associate investment banking with Harvey Specter like bankers assisting corporations to crack high stakes negotiations and deals. But there are massive backend operations going on at all times without which these deals would be impossible.

That is the importance of investment banking operations. An operational investment banker, more commonly referred to as an operations specialist, is responsible for ensuring efficiency, accuracy, profitability, and risk reduction vis-a-vis the clearance and settlement of transactions for the company’s clientele.

Utilizing investment banking operations to their full potential engsures infinite business growth and innovation. Which is all the more reason why operations is an extremely lucrative career path.

In this article, we discuss the ways in which business growth and innovation can be fuelled with investment banking operations as well as provide recommendations for investment banking online certification and investment banker courses in India for anyone looking to learn investment banking to improve their career prospects.

best investment banking courses with placement in IndiaFunction Of Investment Banking Operations

Investment banks offer transactional, legal, and advisory services to their high-profile clientele with complex financial needs.

Some of the activities included in the oeuvre of investment banking are underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, equity research, and asset management.

During the processing of transactions, there is a huge volume of information, products, and money that continuously flow from end to end. The smooth processing of this data falls under the jurisdiction of the operations teams which is also referred to as the back office or engine room in investment banking parlance.

Apart from providing support to client-facing departments, the operations staff also ensure the optimal functioning of IT solutions and data management systems deployed across the organization. They also oversee the regulatory requirements of a bank.

Driving Growth Potential With Investment Banking Operations

Investment banks play a pivotal role in sustaining the larger economy by adding liquidity to the financial markets. They promote business growth and aid the circulation of money in the economy thereby promoting growth. Banking operations are the dark knight of any investment bank - the heroes who hide in plain sight. Although, they perform non-revenue functions, without them the profit-making capacity comes crashing down.

Think of it as having a strong core. No matter the amount of muscles one grows in the arms or legs, without a strong core, the body is unable to support or balance them. Streamlined banking operations can save banks tons of money which can then be utilized for business growth and building innovations.

How To Be An Operational Investment Banker

There are several roles and functionalities under the banking operations of an investment bank. New entrants usually undergo extensive on-the-job training for at least one to two years that helps in the development of niche expertise.

Hiring teams in investment banks look for formal education in finance and internship or apprenticeship experiences in potential candidates. Having an investment banker online certification also adds to a candidate’s competitive edge.


To learn investment banking, a good place to start is to get a degree from any reputed institution in India. A Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course from a good institution can be the best investment banker course in India that can guarantee a CIBOP degree and best job interview opportunities.

best investment banking courses with placement in IndiaIf a classroom environment seems uncomfortable in the post-Covid world then you can also consider this online Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course that offers holistic learning in the nitty-gritty of investment banking operations.

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