From Monolithic to Microservices: The Transformative Journey of Backend Development in 2023

Welcome to what's next in backend development! It's 2023 and lots have changed. We've gone from big, clunky systems to small, efficient ones. At this juncture, the primary focus is on making the job flow smarter and easier. In this article, we'll dive deeper into this universe and learn how to keep up in this ever-changing environment. Plus, we'll see how to make your backend developer skills even better.

The Old Way: Getting to Know What We Came From

To understand this massive change, it's key to know where we started. In the past, we made apps using a big, one-piece system. It was easy to develop and launch, which was good. But, it had some drawbacks. As the app got bigger, it got more complicated. It became harder to manage. Launching updates took longer. Also, it was harder to make it work better with more users.

The New Way: Backend Development in 2023

Small, separate parts, or microservices, are the future. Apps are no longer one big piece but are broken down into many small pieces. These pieces work on their own but also work together to make the function more seamless.

This approach is like building with blocks. Each block can be made, launched, and improved on its own. This has a lot of upsides. It's easier to solve problems. Apps can work better with more users. Plus, new features can be added more quickly.

Making the Change: From Big Systems to Small Ones

Moving from big to small might seem scary. But, it doesn't have to be. There are tips and tricks to make it easier.

Start Small

Don't try to change everything all at once. Take it slow. Start by making a small part of the app into small, separate parts. This way, you can learn as you go and adjust if needed.

Plan for Problems

With many separate parts, there's a chance one might stop working. So, plan for this. Build your system in a way that can handle these problems easily.

Manage How Parts Talk to Each Other

This is key. It's about making sure the separate parts can talk to each other and share data. This is needed for the app to work well.

Creating the Parts: The Building Blocks of Your App

Each part in a microservices system is made for a specific job. This way, each part can work and change on its own. It's important to make these parts the right size. If they're too big, you won't get all the benefits. If they're too small, you might end up with too many parts and it could be hard to manage.

Managing Data: Separate but Together

Going from big systems to small ones can be tricky. One problem that occurs is managing data. In a big system, there's one place for data. But in a system with many small parts, each part has its own place for data. This makes each part independent.

But it also means you have to think about how data is shared. You have to make sure the data is the same across all parts.Keeping Things Safe: An Important Focus Area in Small Systems

In a system with many small parts, keeping things safe is really important. Each part can be a way in for bad guys or malware. So, it's important to have strong safety measures. These measures should be in each part. They could be things like checking who someone is, what they're allowed to do, and improving the firewall.

Checking If Things Work: Backend Developer Skills

Checking that a system with many small parts works can be tricky. This is because of how the parts work together. It's important to check each part on its own. But, you also need to check that all the parts work well together. Using automatic checks can be really helpful.

Always Updating: Staying Up-to-Date

In a system with many small parts, updates happen a lot. So, always updating and adding new parts is important. This helps manage all the changes. It makes adding updates fast and easy. This means less time when things aren't working. It keeps your app up-to-date.

Stay On Top: Make Your Backend Developer Skills Better

The world of backend development is changing. Your skills need to change too. Keep up with the newest ideas. Learn about microservices structure. Understand how to work with APIs and containers.

Be a Backend Development Leader in 2023

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