Four Prospects of Business Analyst Certification

The role of business analysts is increasingly becoming important. Every company is looking to hire analysts who are capable of processing data and interpret the information to help the management to make important business decisions and to design competitive market strategies. Thus, the business analyst plays a key role in current business models. Though the role of a business analyst is not to directly bring revenue to the company, this job is essentially designed to help the company reduce market spends and increase revenue. Thus, business analysts do play a role in the financial prospects of the company. However, you need to validate that you possess relevant skills and ace in the newest technology. Business analyst certifications are the best way to convey this to your future employers.

What is the Role of a Business Analyst?

A business analyst is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and authenticating the data and making inferences to suggest changes to the business processes, system, and business policies. Thus, business analysts shoulder the responsibility of driving the growth of the organization, improve efficiency, profitability, and productivity. A business analyst should be capable of:
• Understanding the business concept
• Suggesting ways to improve the existing processes
• Identifying and designing new features
• Guiding implementation
• Measuring the impact of the newly introduced changes and the success rate

Why is Certification Important?

Certification Increases Your Credibility

Stating data analytics skills in a resume would grab the employers’ attention, but how will you validate them? If you have impressive skills and a good work experience to showcase in your resume, certification serves as good objective source to substantiate those skills and experience.

Helps Increase Salary

Investing in a good certification is worth because it helps increase your salary bracket. Pursuing a certification can result in an average of 11% increase in salary. The ROI of certification is high, that you should consider getting good certifications if you are aiming to get into top jobs. However, you should be judicious while selecting the course. Having a certification merely to show in resume will not help. Make sure you choose a reputed certification program that gets you brownie points.

Helps Build a Strong Peer Network

As per the data available from the professional network site LinkedIn, about 85 per cent openings are filled through networking and referrals. So, it is important to have a network of professionals to get into the role you aspire for. Joining certifications will help you to develop a good professional network.

Opens Scope for Self-Improvement

Any job requires constant improvement of the skills to stay relevant in the job market. Certifications help you update on the newest tools and trends in the industry. In a field like big data, which is constantly evolving, staying updated is important. Including a certification in the profile shows your enthusiasm and interest in developing new skills and constantly update. This gives you a competitive edge in the job market.


The scope and future growth prospects are ever-expanding in the domestic and global job market. Today, most business organizations espouse big data analysis to grow the business by processing valuable data. Hence, big data experts can see recruitment spree in the market. However, to make sure you ace the skills, it is important to have a relevant certification. It is natural that after having considerable experience one might overlook the importance of certifications. But you need to know that organizations prefer hiring the best talents available in the market and certifications are the best way to validate that you possess those skills and it is worth hiring you.

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