Fintech: Prepare for the 21st Century Financial Career

Careers in the Fintech Industry

We all know how lucrative it is to build a career in the financial services industry; investment bankers and financial analyst’s jobs are one of the most sought after career options. The evolution within the financial industry has been on an unprecedented level, this has led to the proliferation of new and exciting opportunities in the domain. The amalgamation of finance and technology has given birth to the Fintech industry that holds rewarding employment opportunities in its realm.
The requirement of the new industry is different from its predecessor in the form of skills required to perform the job. People from both the spheres of commerce and technology have something in it for them and a combination of both is an added advantage. Let’s take a look into some of the promising career opportunities that the Fintech industry has to offer.

Data Scientist

In this digital era powered by the internet, data runs the whole game. Data is the fuel that technology uses to produce an effective output. From contextual banking and personalisation of financial services to efficient digital payment platforms, everything requires data and tons of it. The skills of a data scientist who can churn data to provide meaningful insights are in high demand by the Fintech firms. The remuneration is highly rewarding given the paucity of data scientists in the contemporary.

Product Manager

The role of a product manager entails developing strategic partnerships with banks and other financial institutions to provide solutions with numerous applications. The product manager is also responsible for the adoption of the technology developed by Fintech firms. It is a managerial role and has multiple dimensions, from managing accounting accuracy to supervising compliance with the law; a product manager has a lot going on.

Product Engineer

The name is very suggestive of the role played by the person performing in the capacity of a product engineer. The Fintech companies leverage technology to provide solutions for financial services, what they offer to the final consumer is developed with the help of a product engineer. The product engineer should have robust technical knowledge and understands the requirements of the business to create a solution that will help the targeted users.

Social Media & Content

Content has a huge role to play when it comes to the digital space. Your website is just like your salesperson who is catering to the needs of your customer continuously on a 24*7 basis. The content and social media team are responsible for managing the presence of the brand and increasing the visibility of the firm, engaging with users and promoting the products and services offered.

Careers Avenues in Fintech

Now that you are aware of some of the roles that the Fintech industry has to offer, you can deduce the skills required to do the job. The Fintech industry has grown multiple folds since the past decade; naturally, the next thing you must be wondering about is where you fit in this diverse world of Fintech. Some of the most promising career avenues in the Fintech domain are; Fintech start-ups, Accelerators, Education institutions, financial institutions that are revamping. Start-ups in the Fintech domain are more rewarding since most of them are catering to the 21st century needs, whereas old financial institutions have more of an adaptive approach to stay afloat in the game.


Fintech has totally revamped the finance and banking sectors. It has already grown multiple folds in the last decade and is still in its nascent stage. There are far more rewarding career opportunities in the Fintech sector compared to the traditional banking and finance sector.


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