Financial Markets And Their Roles

A financial market, unlike the other markets, is more of an intangible concept and basically refers to a marketplace where buyers and sellers usually participate in an exchange of assets such as equities, bonds, derivatives and currencies. The basic characteristic of any financial market comprises of transparent pricing, basic regulations regarding costs and fees and a number of market forces, that determine the prices of securities that trade. These financial markets can be found almost in every single country across the world, some of these may be small, with a very few numbers of participants, while some are huge in terms of the amount of money they trade, for example, the New York Stock Exchange.
It is basically investors, who have an access to a great number of financial markets and exchanges, that deal with a vast array of financial products. Some of these markets have always been open to private investors, while some have always remained, pretty much exclusive in terms of catering to major international banks and financial professionals. There are a variety of financial markets, which make up the field of finance.
Certification in Capital MarketsCapital Markets

These markets are where individuals and various organizations, deal with the trading of financial securities. There are a number of organizations and companies, that sell securities on these markets, in order to raise funds for themselves. This is why the capital markets consist of both primary as well as secondary markets. Any organization or corporation requires capital in order to finance its various operations, as well as to engage in long-term investments. In order to accomplish this, the corporation raises money through the sale of securities, basically bonds and stocks; all of which is in the name of the company.
Stock Markets

These are markets, which allow all of the investors to buy and sell the shares in publicly traded companies. They are popularly known to be the most vital area of a market economy, this is because they provide companies, with the access to capital and all the investors, with a chance to have a percentage of ownership in the company. This market is divided into primary markets as well as secondary markets.
Bond Markets
A bond refers to any debt investment in which, an investor loans money to an entity, this can be either corporate or governmental. This entity basically borrows the funds for a specific period of time Bonds are usually used by a number of companies, municipalities, states as well as governments, in order to finance a variety of projects and activities. This markets basically deals with buying and selling of bonds on the various credit markets, all over the world. This market is also referred to as the debt market or credit market or fixed-income market. The many types of bonds are corporate bonds, municipal bonds, notes and bills which are also known as treasuries and so on.
All of these markets require a financial professional, wither a corporate banker, investment bankers or portfolio manager and so on, to deal with their various aspects. The various attractive benefits that these markets offer are a result of a lot of finance aspirants seeking positions in the field of financial markets. Imarticus Learning is one of the best institute for finance and investment banking training and very much preferred by these professionals, in order to get a hang of how the markets work, through various certification courses in corporate finance, investment banking and so on.

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