Fashion Trends Using Data Analytics

Big Data analytics and Machine Learning Courses in India

The fashion industry is one of the biggest sectors globally. In India alone, the textile industry was estimated to be worth around $100 billion in 2019. It attracted Foreign Direct Investment worth $3.68 billion between April 2020 and December 2020.

Like any industry, companies in the fashion sector use technology to advance further and enhance their performance. That’s why the demand for data analytics professionals is rising steadily in this field.

The following article will throw light on what do data scientists do in the fashion sector and how they are helping this industry grow.

How Data Analytics Helps the Fashion Industry

Understanding the customers

Data analytics helps fashion companies in getting better insight into their customers. They can collect data from reliable sources, optimize it and analyze it to find unique patterns in their purchase behavior and modify their marketing strategies accordingly.

Data scientists handle the gathering of the data because the source can influence the quality of data significantly. When a brand has a better understanding of what its customers want, it can create products accordingly and get ahead of its peers.

Analyzing the competitors

Competitive analysis is a major aspect of any industry. Knowing what your competition is doing and the reasons why it’s making progress can help you chart out a better future plan.

Data scientists are capable of finding patterns and factors that affect certain outcomes. They assist fashion brands in analyzing the industry and thus, help them beat their competition.

Optimizing the sales process

The sales process should be smooth and hassle-free for every customer. It shouldn’t be difficult for a client to find the product he/she wants. However, in many cases, the customer doesn’t know what he/she wants. This is where data scientists come in.

They create recommender systems that analyze a customer’s past interactions with the brand, the available data on him/her, and predict his/her most preferred choices. Recommender systems also predict user behavior based on what other users with similar interests like. By using recommender systems, fashion companies can easily sell more products and retain more clients.

Data Science Course

Predicting future performance

Forecasting how the current industry trends will behave can help a company greatly. Data Analytics and Machine Learning Training allow fashion companies to perform predictive analysis. It assists them in making better-informed decisions about their current and future products.

For example, it can help them decide the right time to launch new offers. Similarly, it can help them determine how their existing campaigns will perform so they can rectify any errors.

Starting a career in data analytics

Now that you know what do data scientists do in the fashion industry, you might be interested in pursuing a career in this field. Becoming a data analytics professional is quite simple if you have the right knowledge. Data scientists are experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence, mathematics, and statistics. Hence, you must learn these subjects and get familiar with the relevant tools used in this field.

The most effective way to do so is by joining data analytics courses in India. Joining data analytics courses online will help you in learning the necessary concepts and get certified as a data science professional.


Data analytics has become an integral part of many industries, and fashion is one of them. You should start looking for data analytics courses in India if you want to make use of this opportunity. It would be best to join data analytics courses online because it would ensure you can study safely and from the comfort of your home.

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