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Supply Chain Management is the process of managing supply and demand, constructing a sustainable architecture, taking advantage of international logistics, generating net value, and evaluating performance throughout the world. It is the management of the complete manufacturing process of a product or service, from raw materials to the end product delivered to the customer.  

Among the many benefits of using supply chain planning and analytics software, is the ability to better anticipate and respond to the client’s needs. Predictive analytics may be used to help companies anticipate consumer demand and as a result, make inventory modifications that save money while also expediting delivery.

End-to-end supply chain analytics necessitates the acquisition of raw materials, production, distribution, and services that are required after the sales. An organization's supply chain cannot function properly without the seamless integration of the supply chain management platforms. The goal of this kind of integration is to provide data on products at every level of the supply chain with supply chain visibility.

Operations Research

Operations Research is a branch of applied mathematics concerned with quantitative decision-making issues involving the allocation and management of scarce resources. These issues emerge in a variety of contexts, including industrial businesses, investment firms, health care organizations, and governance. An operations research analyst creates and applies computational and scientific models to assist in the resolution of decision-making difficulties.

As with engineers, they formulate and solve problems. Their job includes developing a quantitative representation of the system and analyzing and forecasting the repercussions of alternative modes of operation. Mathematics optimization algorithms, probabilistic and statistical methodologies, research, and simulation software may all be used in the investigation.

Operations Management

Product and service production and distribution processes are meticulously managed by Operations Management professionals. In today's business world, the efficiency and efficacy of procedures are of paramount importance. Because of this, operations management frequently involves a great deal of internal process monitoring and analysis.

Operations Management professionals get the processed data from the Operations Research analysts and then choose to make a decision based on the data provided to them. They're in charge of everything from product conception and delivery to inventory control and logistics to production planning and execution.

About the Supply Chain Management and Analytics course from IIT Roorkee

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is among the most important engineering institutions in India. Since its inauguration, the institution has played a critical role in the provision of technical expertise and knowledge to the nation, in support of research. The institute is one of the world's leading technical institutes, and it has had a significant impact on all aspects of technological advancement. 

The DoMS & E-Learning Centre, IIT Roorkee, has devised a comprehensive curriculum along with Imarticus to teach you the fundamentals of supply chain management and analytics. Python's potential will be used in this course to help you become more data-centric and enhance Supply Chain decision-making. Along with learning the analytics part of the course, you will be also trained in Sales and operations planning.


It is due to the Operations and Supply Chain Management professionals that are upholding the supply and demand of products in the consumer market. Learn the process of designing supply chain networks yourself and become a successful supply chain professional with the help of the Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management & Analytics course from IIT Roorkee. As a part of this course, you will be able to visit the Roorkee Campus for 3 days and learn there, you will also be working on a Capstone Project with experts in the industry.

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