Executive program in investment management: Who should consider it?

executive program in investment banking and capital markets


In simple terms, Investment Management refers to controlling investments and financial assets apart from buying and selling. Management involves developing both short-term and long-term strategies to acquire and dispose of the portfolio holdings. It also includes budgeting, tax services, duties, and banking. 

This term mostly refers to the management of holdings in an investment portfolio and trading them to acquire a particular investment objective. Investment management is known by other terms like wealth management, money management, or portfolio management. There are several benefits of an investment management course, including: 

  1. High earnings 

As already mentioned, applying for and acquiring suitable investment management skills can increase your worth as an employee. It can open the door for many high-paid positions for you. 

2. Transformation into a new role 

This program can be beneficial for you if you want to get a promotion in your current company or shift to a senior position in another company. Once you get a certification for this course, you’ll be set apart from other applicants for the same job. 

3. Learn new strategies for investment 

There are different ways by which you can grow a portfolio and keep it diversified. Through this program, you’ll get to learn the various investment strategies and products, which can be used for your clients. 

What is the Executive Program in Investment Management? 

The executive program in investment management emphasizes providing intense knowledge about the international capital markets and investment banking industry to its participants. It has a curriculum that is designed in a way that can provide the participants with a sound understanding and conceptual knowledge of the framework and foundations, which a successful professional in the investment banking sector is expected to have. 

The modules of this program spread across different topics like acquisitions and mergers, debt and equity capital markets, securities valuation and market research, portfolio fund management, trading and sales along with securities regulations. It is a one-year program comprising seven advanced modules and three foundation modules namely: 

Foundation Modules:

  1. Financial Economics 
  2. Financial Accounting and Analysis 
  3. Financial management 

Advanced Modules:

  1. Securities market regulations 
  2. Securities market research and valuation 
  3. Portfolio fund management 
  4. Debt capital markets 
  5. Mergers, acquisitions, and advisory
  6. Equity capital markets 
  7. Securities market sales and trading 

Who should choose this program?

  • Finance professionals working in the corporate sector with at least 2 years of experience, looking forward to having a career in investment management will get benefitted from this program. 
  • Professionals with previous work experience or academic background in the finance domain, accountancy, or finance can get a lot of managerial potential or technical knowledge that is mostly expected from financial professionals who work or want to work in the domain of investment banking. 
  • Professionals who are working or willing to work in the job roles of trading brokers and securities sales, investment portfolio managers, security market research analysis, and financial market handlers. 

Who is eligible to apply for this program?

Working professionals who have at least 2 years of work experience in a relevant domain and a minimum 50% mark in UG/PG are eligible to apply for this investment management program.


With the global widespread of online education, it has become very convenient for people of different groups like working professionals to continue their education and acquire more knowledge in their domain. This investment management program not only provides better opportunities to learn about investment management but it promises to deliver in-depth knowledge in the field of capital markets and investment management.

If you’re willing to start or have already started your career in investment and finance, don’t miss out on this opportunity and get enrolled super soon. 

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