Ecosystems of Smart Technologies like Cloud, Blockchain and IoT in New-age Software Engineering

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In this technological era, new technologies are disrupting the traditional ways of software development. Software engineers create applications according to user requirements. Nowadays, businesses need software applications that incorporate new-age technologies like cloud and blockchain.

Many software development companies are facing a shortage of engineers that are experts in new-age technologies. As a result, they cannot fulfill the software requirements of their clients. Young aspirants who want to build a successful career as software engineers should be familiar with new-age technologies. Read on to know more about new-age software engineering.

Role of cloud in software engineering

Many software engineers are shifting to the cloud for better data storage solutions. Cloud ecosystems for software engineering are highly scalable. With the cloud, software engineers can scale any portion of an application with ease. Businesses also outsource their application requirements to cloud software engineers to slash costs. Businesses spend a lot on computing requirements and physical data storage solutions that can be stopped with cloud-based software engineering.

Cloud offers great compatibility with additional resources. Virtual machines and databases can be quickly created via cloud-based software engineering. Businesses don’t have to rely on a physical data centre to host application software. With the cloud, one can host application software from anywhere in the world. Cloud also allows businesses to deploy codes and databases with ease via automated builds. Software engineers that know cloud computing can earn a lucrative salary in today’s scenario.

What is blockchain software engineering?

Blockchain ecosystems are used by software engineers to create next-gen software applications. Blockchain is a decentralized technology that can create an irreversible sequence of data. Blockchain offers transparency in data transfer along with maintaining security standards.

Blockchain developers create software applications that offer high transparency in data transfer. Any record in the database of application software can be viewed easily if it is developed using blockchain. Data can easily be transferred between peer-to-peer networks with blockchain.

Businesses prefer blockchain-based applications as their data will be replicated and stored in numerous systems. A blockchain-based software application will check the requirements before processing a validation. The records of the software application will be highly secure with blockchain and can be viewed by anyone. Along with better data transfer, a software application will also be highly secure with blockchain. Blockchain developers will be in huge demand for the coming years for new-age software development.

Use of IoT in software engineering

IoT (Internet of Things) is making headlines due to smart sensor devices in the market. Many businesses need software applications that are compatible with IoT. IoT-based software engineers can make automated decisions and save time. With IoT, the communication between software applications can be enhanced. From data processing to intuitive user interfaces, IoT has a huge role in new-age software engineering.

How to learn new-age software engineering?

Young aspirants can go for an online certification in software engineering offered by a reputed EdTech platform. Imarticus Learning is offering a Certification in Software Engineering for Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT that can be beneficial for young enthusiasts. This course is offered by Imarticus in collaboration with the E&ICT Academy from IIT Guwahati. All the aspects of cloud, IoT, and blockchain for software engineering will be discussed in this course. Students will also learn via real-life projects related to new-age software engineering.


Software engineering can be more productive with new-age technologies like cloud and blockchain. An industry-oriented certification in software engineering can help young aspirants in learning more about new-age technologies. Imarticus provides excellent placement support for its software engineering course. Start your new-age software engineering course now!

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