Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Investment Banker? Quiz!

Despite the global financial crisis and fear of layoffs, investment banking remains the most sought after career in Finance. But do you really want to be a banker? Are you prepared for what it entails? Answer our 7 question multiple choice quiz to find out.
1) Imagine you’re late for a meeting and you need to get from BKC to Express Towers and you don’t have time to stop for petrol. Which situation would you want to be in?
a. Petrol? I can’t afford the EMI on a car. It’s the train for me.
b. That’s fine. I will just take an Uber or an Ola.
c. My driver never lets my car run on empty. Investment Banking Banner
2) You are a massive Arsenal fan and Arsenal is playing Man United on the weekend.
a. You have planned a massive football viewing party at your house and have called everyone because you are the life of the party.
b. Because you know you might want to work, you don’t plan a party but make plans at someone else’s house and promise to make a dip
c. You make no plans and tell them you’ll call them last minute because it’s quite likely you’ll have to work the weekend.
3) You have prepared the pitch, come in at 5 am and taken print outs ahead of time even making sure you have an extra one as a backup but the client shows up with three extra people and your boss barks at you in public because you are one print out short.
a. You storm out but not before telling him that it was his fault he didn’t tell you there were extra people
b. You say you’re sorry and offer your own
c. You say you’re sorry, offer your own and rush out to find another print out at the hotel business centre
4) You have been working hard on analysing the telecom industry and are excited to have found a contact in a company you know your team has been trying to get to
a. You go straight to your MD with the information so he knows it was you who found the contact and sends you to pitch
b. You go to your immediate boss with the information and hope he passes on the fact with credit to you and invites you to the pitch
c. You send it to your immediate boss knowing full well that business development is not your purview and it will be a few years before you get sent on a client call
5) They are doling out work for the next big deal that your team has bagged and you’ve been put in charge of creating the financial model
a. You bury your head in hands, wipe the sweat off your brow and reach for Aswath Damodaran or panic and look for an old model you can work off and start to hyperventilate
b. You shrug it off – you might not live to model, but you’re comfortable with the mathematical complexity and know you’ll get it done in time
c. You beam with happiness. You live for numbers. You worship numbers and ask your boss if there is any restriction on how many sheets your model can run into and wonder if you can throw in a crystal ball forecasting tool for good measure.
6) Who is your role model?
a. Ambani
b. Adi Godrej
c. Mother Theresa
7) It’s the end of the month, your weekend is here and you have no work planned. What’s your idea of going out?

  1. Order in because you only have Rs 1000 in your bank account.
  2. Go to a pizza hut
  3. Go to Taj

The Answers will be revealed on April 3rd! Click here.

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