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Financial Valuation can be simply referred to as a knowledgeable estimation of the total worth of a company. Many companies make financial decisions based on what will escalate their financial valuation. High estimates of financial valuation can be advantageous due to several reasons. In the case of a private company, having a high financial valuation will make it easy for them to borrow money. However, if it is a public company, a high valuation will cause an increase in the share price and profit gaining opportunity for shareholders. If another business wants to take over the company, a high financial valuation will lead to a bigger payday for business stakeholders or owners. 

A PGDM in finance management can take your career in finance to new levels. Finance management courses usually take about 6 months to 2 years. This course will help you learn about capital markets, investment banking, fin-tech, and risk domains in detail. It is a 6-month concentrated program that is offered in collaboration with one of the leading B-schools of India, IIM Lucknow. It can guarantee top-class education for the mid-level management professionals with minimal 2 years of experience who are willing to reinitiate their career in financial services. 

An overview of capital markets course 

This capital markets course will give you an overall idea about the industry and major career opportunities. You'll know about the buy-side, sell-side, and the most widely chosen career paths in each group. It will also promote a lot of practical knowledge while taking you through the classic day-in-life situations, enabling you to get an idea of the basic personality traits and competencies that can take you closer to success. Moreover, the course also provides you with all the information you require to assure that your career is focused and you make efficient use of time, the most limited yet valuable resource. 

On completion of this course, you'll not only receive a capital markets professional certificate but also a profound knowledge about the structuring of the capital markets industry and how each component contributes to the smooth functioning of financial markets. Lastly, it will also help you in deciding what field or domain will be best suited for you to choose a career in. 

It includes all the fundamental, intermediary, and advanced topics related to trading and sales, asset management, and investment banking. The course also helps you learn various trading strategies which are utilized in the industry of finance and capital markets. It is perfect for students who are interested in learning about trade in various asset classes. It is entirely an online course which makes it convenient for you to take it from anywhere in the world. 

What are the learning objectives of this course?

Once you’re done with this course, you’ll be able to: 

  • Choose which capital markets career path will be best for your skillset, personality, and passion. 
  • Define the primary and secondary markets including the involvement of stakeholders and their interaction in each. 
  • Explain the sell-side and buy-side of finance, activities organized on both sides, and capital market career options offered by each side. 
  • Know what a classic day-in-life of such professionals feels like. 


This capital markets course is best for everyone who seeks the internet in pursuing a financial career. Regardless of whether you are undergoing your first job search after graduation or you’re looking for a transition after acquiring professional work experience in any field, this course will give you a clear picture of the various career options you can opt for. Don’t forget to get enrolled in this course for free and elevate your career in finance.

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