Coronavirus Fears Accelerate Wealth-tech Innovation! How?

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Wealth-tech is one of the trending sectors in recent days. It is wealth management through digital solutions. Wealth management is being done with the help of technology and it gives better results and accuracy. It also helps in faster analysis & research.

Market forecasting can also be done more accurately with the help of wealth tech services. The recent coronavirus outbreak has slowed down the growth of many industries but it will not slow down the growth of wealth tech services. Let us see how wealth tech services are predicted to grow despite the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

How will the Wealth-tech Sector Grow?

The reasons which will help in the growth of wealth tech innovation despite the coronavirus outbreak are:

  • Wealth-tech has influenced automation in wealth management services. New-age technologies like artificial intelligence, data analysis, machine learning have helped in the growth of Wealth-tech services. People can now automate the wealth management services and they don’t even require a professional to physically manage the processes.
    Wealth Management coursesIt can all be done by smart & intelligent applications. The digital platform can be easily managed by wealth managers from a remote location too. All they need is a system and the client’s requirements. This also helps in adopting more efficiently with the new work from home culture.
  • This pandemic has forced companies/firms/HNI clients to opt for digital wealth management services. If it wasn’t for the pandemic, they still would have been taking traditional wealth management services. It won’t be a hyperbole to say that this pandemic is a blessing in disguise for the wealth tech sector. The employees are also shifting rapidly towards digital platforms.
  • Wealth-tech extends its services to smaller companies as well. The digital tools & services can be used by small scale companies that would have been neglected otherwise.
  • Wealth-tech also helps in cost optimization. Smart applications provide data-driven solutions to wealth management problems and reduce the cost of hiring wealth management professionals for the same. Companies can just use smart digital solutions and can easily manage their wealth.
  • HNI or Ultra HNI clients are also happy about the wealth tech services as they can now talk to their wealth manager from a remote location too. The social distancing norms have been introduced due to this ongoing pandemic. Wealth-tech helps in taking advantage of its services while following the social distancing norms.
  • Market volatility & uncertainty is expected to grow because of the ongoing pandemic. It such times, you don’t want wrong forecasting information so that you end up investing in a loss generating venture. The digital wealth tech solutions are proving to be more accurate than traditional methods. The data analysis & forecasting is more robust & on point via the digital mediums. This will help clients in opting for wealth tech services to know about the trends.
    Data Analysis
  • It is expected that AUM (Assets Under Management) sector will grow from $74.3 trillion in 2018 to $145.4 trillion in 2025 with an impressive CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.8%. The asset management under wealth management is also shifted to online channels and clients are loving this innovation as it helps them to get more accurate details in less cost. It reduces paperwork and the amount of hard work an individual has to put in to go through all the assets & financial resources of any particular individual.


If you are thinking of building a Wealth Management Career then perhaps this is the right time to step in with all the innovation going around.

You can learn more via the Wealth Management Courses available on the internet. This was all about how the coronavirus outbreak will accelerate the growth of the wealth tech sector.

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