Companies are fixing the data scientist shortage, giving ample job opportunities.

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Companies are fixing the data scientist shortage, giving ample job opportunities

Data scientists use various scientific methods such as data wrangling, data cleaning, machine learning etc. to work with structured and unstructured data. They help organisations make better decisions by solving critical and complex problem-solving, which in turn allows companies to operate efficiently, have better market strategies and generate profitable results. 

Data scientists have become a vital part of the process, and companies have now realised that they are creating ample job opportunities to fill their shortages. People who were earlier interested in this field but couldn’t pursue it due to unstable opportunities have now started out. Finding a good data science and machine learning course in India is not as difficult as before. Educational institutions provide comprehensive data science courses, such as IIT Roorkee data science online course and various others throughout India. 

Why was there a Shortage of Data Scientists?

Quality of Skills was Compromised

The job of data scientists is to use their technical skills and communicate their findings to the clients in a comprehensive way that helps their marketing strategies to make the organisation more successful. This requires a highly skilled professional with ample knowledge of computer skills, mathematical skills and machine learning skills. Therefore, any below-the-mark candidate is not given any opportunity in any organisation. Companies found a lack of skills in the candidates, which is why not many passed the test. 

Small Businesses Couldn’t Afford Them

Data scientists were consistently in high demand. Since this profession requires a lot of professional knowledge, not many people are able to make it till the end. However, those who do, are highly demanded by high-paying companies. Well-established companies offer incredibly high salaries for data scientists. Small businesses, on the other hand, couldn’t afford them. This created a shortage of good data scientists for small-scale companies.

Frequent Upskilling is Required

Data scientists need to have the utmost knowledge about every technology functioning with its full use. Technologies undergo updates and developments as their top-most execution potential. Due to the constant modifications, data scientists must improve simultaneously as they should be able to guide these updates and navigate solutions to any potential problems. MBA is a compulsory data science and machine learning course in India, without which candidates will not be hired. Compared to other computer and mathematical professions, data scientists must be an ace in their field to be hired.

Insufficient College Courses in Data Science and Machine Learning

The profession of Data Science and Machine Learning demands excellent skills from its candidates. Good colleges offering quality education in this field were less known. With the existing online courses, students were getting well-trained in theoretical knowledge, but their practical experiences needed to be included. For such reasons, companies denied applications by most data science learning students.

Steps Taken by Companies to Fix the Data Scientist Shortage

Fixing Concrete Criteria

Unlike before, when there was no benchmark for expected skills from data scientists, the companies have now clearly set forth their demands and criteria. This helps potential students know whether they are fit for the job role. Those who lack any mentioned skill by the employer can work on them and be better prepared for the job hiring.

Offering Competitive Salaries

Most data scientists were trying to get jobs in high-paying well-established companies. Due to this, small businesses that were in dire need of these data scientists were at a disadvantage. Companies have now decided to offer competitive salaries, which will be equal in comparison to the market’s average salary for this profession. Data scientists will be willing to work in budding businesses and not run after luxurious salaries in more prominent companies.

Offering Beneficial Packages

a part from recruiting data scientists and expecting them to work tirelessly in this field, additional packages to their jobs will be provided. They will be engaged in professional tasks and pleasant initiatives, which will help them maintain healthy stability between their personal and work lives. Since their job includes most of their time sitting behind a screen and looking after the well-functioning and keeping data, this additional perk will act as a motivation. Their output productivity will also increase highly.

Providing Additional Educational Programs

Companies have now taken the initiative to run workshops and teach important programs to employees who can benefit from them. Unlike expecting perfect candidates who know everything about the job or those who lack specific criteria set by the company, they can be moulded in the right direction. Skills necessary for a particular organisation will be taught to them directly. This will increase potential candidates for the job and allow more talent for the company’s progress and succession.


Companies nowadays are in search of talented recruits. They are willing to hone their skills and provide an environment that will yield more profitable results for the company. However, candidates need to step up. As a data science student, you should have a certificate program in Data Science and Machine Learning. Many institutions provide quality knowledge in data science and machine learning. Therefore, efforts shouldn’t be lacking on the applicant’s part.

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