Common Capital Market Instruments That Are Profitable in 2021

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Capital markets are used by individuals and businesses to trade securities and debt. Unlike the money market, a capital market deals in buying and selling long-term debt. Investment bankers have deep knowledge about the capital market to help their clients in raising capital. Several capital market entities can be traded for generating capital.

Businesses hire expert investment bankers for knowing the best capital market instrument to invest in. If the right capital market entities are traded at the right time, it can generate revenue for long-term business goals. Read on to know the top capital market instruments that are profitable in 2021.


Equity refers to the portion of ownership that is to be traded. Selling equities to someone makes them a shareholder of the organization. An equity holder may not receive regular payments from the organization but can still generate income by selling the stocks.

When the share of an organization goes high, shareholders can exit the company by selling their stocks. Shareholders will also earn a commission from the profits made by the organization. In 2021, you can give ownership of a company to several shareholders to generate capital.


Bonds are a type of debt securities that are issued by the government, companies, and municipalities. The bond issuer collects debt for a fixed period from investors and shareholders. Once the fixed period ends, the bond issuer has to repay the principal amount. Bonds can help companies in collecting quick revenue as investors prefer to give debt for a fixed period.


Debentures are also a type of debt securities that do not include any collateral. The trade of debentures is done based on mutual trust as there is no collateral. Investors that are buying debentures from an issuing company also act as creditors of the company.


capital market courses in IndiaUnderlying assets are used to find the value of financial instruments. Such instruments are called derivatives. The underlying asset that is used to calculate the value of derivatives can be bonds, stocks, or currency.

There are four types of derivatives that are forward, future, options, and interest rate swap. To know more about the four types of derivatives, you can go for capital market courses in India.

Exchange-traded funds 

Many investors come together to create a pool of financial resources. Those resources are then used to buy capital market entities like shares, bonds, and derivatives. Exchange-traded funds are traded in the stock market and have features of both shares and mutual funds. Investors who have limited knowledge about the capital market can benefit from exchange-traded funds.

 Foreign exchange entities 

 You can trade several capital market entities that are represented on a foreign market. Currency agreements and derivates are the common types of foreign exchange entities used by companies in 2021.

How to learn more about the capital market? 

You can go for banking and finance online courses that follow an industry-oriented approach. Imarticus Learning is a well-known EdTech platform that can provide new-age investment banking courses.

The Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course provided by Imarticus will cover many concepts of the capital market. It will offer tech-enabled learning to keep track of your course.

The investment banking course comes with a placement assurance and, you can kickstart your career in the industry. At the end of the online course, you will receive a certification from the London Stock Exchange which is globally recognized.

trade life cycleConclusion 

Businesses need capital market experts to generate revenue for long-term business objectives. With an online course, you can learn about the trade life cycle in the capital market and can earn a lucrative job offer. Start learning more about capital market instruments today!

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