Combining Career Progression With Self Development In The World Of Investment Banking Operations

best investment banking courses with placement in India

Historically, banking has been one of the most popular career paths for ambitious people looking for long-term stability, competitive salaries, and numerous opportunities for growth. Now with technology transforming the space and more avenues opening up, banking has become more sought-after than ever.

Investment banking is a division within the larger ambit of a bank or a financial institution that connects investors with corporations, governmental bodies like municipalities, and large institutions. The primary function of investment banking is to expedite capital funding through investments.

Contrary to popular belief, investment banking is not a single job. Rather, it is a vast ecosystem within which several job profiles thrive and efficiently work together. One such job profile is investment banking operations which is mainly responsible for ensuring accuracy, profitability, and risk reduction in bank transactions for the company’s clientele.

best investment banking courses with placement in IndiaIn this article, we discuss what an investment banking career in operations entails as well as what to study to become an investment banker.

If you are looking to upskill yourself to advance your career prospects in this niche, then sit back and read on.

What Are Investment Banking Operations?

Investment Banking Operations is a specific profile in the ambit of investment banking that mostly deals with backend operations within the company. Operations staff provide support to client-facing departments such as corporate finance. Their primary function is to ensure that the business is efficiently administered.

Every banking institution deploys sophisticated IT solutions within the company and a key role of the operations unit is to develop, maintain, troubleshoot, and oversee IT systems within a company. This role has become ever more important with the digital revolution transforming the way companies in every industry use digital innovations.

In other words, operations staff are responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining backend IT systems
  • Collating and analyzing systems information
  • Liaising with other bank divisions to deploy IT solutions effectively
  • Overseeing data flows and ensuring accuracy
  • Managing everyday banking processes
  • Aiding in maximization of efficiency and profitability

A Career In Investment Banking Operations

Like any other investment banking role, getting into operations can be challenging because of the competitiveness that exists in the field. Companies take a close look into the profile, experience, educational qualifications, and skillsets of the potential candidate before handing out a letter of appointment.

One of the most asked questions among candidates is this - What to study to become an investment banker? Employers usually specify the degree level that they look for in their potential recruits. Candidates with a degree in finance often have a competitive edge over others when it comes to cracking a role in investment banking operations. Companies also regard apprenticeship or internship experiences in operations with high value.

best investment banking courses with placement in IndiaOne can pursue voluntary certifications like the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course offered by the CFA institute to improve their aptitude.

Similarly, MBA degrees with specializations in finance or technology management are also excellent options to develop an overall aptitude to land a leadership role in investment banking operations.

Nowadays, there are several online advanced certification courses available in the market that help professionals learn investment banking and develop the necessary skillsets for a career in investment banking operations.


An investment banking career provides high levels of personal and professional growth, stability, and lucrative financial rewards. Let’s just say that if you are an ambitious professional with the ability to take on a challenge, you could be a successful investment banker.

If you are looking to upskill yourself to suit the requirements of an investment banking operations career, then a specialization course like this Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course is a good place to start.

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