Careers In Capital Markets

The field of investment banking deals with various financial aspects of a company or a firm. These may range from financial analysis, underwriting of securities, mergers and acquisitions, financial modeling and more. Generally, every investment bank has a capital market division, which basically deals with the financial products (securities), before they are available for trading in the market. Any capital market dealing in securities has both private as well government players. There are two verticals in herein, one which basically deals with the creation of new securities, which are commissioned by the government. The other section basically deals with the trading of these new securities, also known as over-the-counter market or the exchange market.
When it comes to the capital markets, the most distinguished position a person can hold, is in the sales and trading departments. These careers basically entail undertaking of various types of financial transactions including bonds, currency and securities. The one thing that these jobs demand, is a great knowledge in the field of markets, a finger on the pulse of human psychology and the perfect way to use your firm’s financial instruments. On a wider scale, careers in Capital Markets, require a professional to possess great analytical skills, have lightening fast reflexes, quick yet sure footing in the playing field (the trading market) and strong bargaining skills.
Under the umbrella of Capital Markets, come various verticals which deal with stocks, bonds and equities. Sales and trading is considered to be the distribution sector of any investment bank. Professionals in this field are basically supposed to act as a link, between the sellers and they buyers of bonds, securities, equities and more. There are also research jobs herein, where professionals conduct both quantitative and economic research as well as research of individual companies. Private wealth management and asset management are some other options in the field of capital markets. Any professional is supposed to possess exemplary people skills, as they are expected to deal with either high-net-worth individuals, or companies. Individuals in this field have the responsibility, to ensure that their company maintains long-standing relations with all its investors and is able to reiterate its financial stand in the market, in keeping with the financial status of its rival companies.

Investment Banking jobs are quite popular and many people aspire to work in these capital market jobs. If you are looking for a career in capital markets, a background in commerce, accounting, or chartered accountancy is a requisite. Apart from this, various master's programs, which make a very stable base for careers in investment banks as well as capital markets. Today, there are many institutes that offer short-term programs in specific verticals in the field of finance. Imarticus Learning is a leading education institute, which offers courses both in the classroom and online format. The thing that sets this institute apart from the others, is that they offer industry-driven courses with great career assistance in the field of finance, wealth management, capital markets and more.


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