Can You Have a Career in Fintech without Coding Knowledge?

career in Fintech

Technology has changed the way things are done, in almost every field conceivable to man. Be it healthcare or warfare, the advent of technology has had a significant impact on the proceedings. To no surprise, the financial world has also benefitted hugely from these advances, and the field of Fintech emerged in the past few decades.

However, many banking professionals are still apprehensive about getting into Fintech because of some misconceptions they have. You might think that the addition of tech into the financial world means that everyone must understand how to operate the tech aspect of it, and thus must know to code in order to survive.

However, that is not true - you can still have a career in Fintech despite having relatively less knowledge on how the code is written.

Can You Have a Fintech Career Despite not Knowing Coding?

The short answer is that yes, you can not only have a career but also be successful in the field without knowing how to write code extensively. Coding is usually used when organizations need to implement new software or make some changes in the way things are run currently.

To make these changes, it is always easy for the organization to hire a computer programmer, rather than insisting that it needs to be done by the Fintech professional himself. In fact, most banks and other large Fintech organizations have dedicated teams of coders who are always on-site in order to make such changes.

That does not render obsolete the other capable professionals working in the organization, so coding is not a necessity to work in Fintech.

Then what are the skills required to get into Fintech?

Since the field mainly deals with the financial world, you will definitely need to have a good understanding of how finances work and function in order to be successful at it. Even if you do not know how to code, you will also definitely need to be comfortable with technology. While there are many jobs that focus more on the business side of things, knowledge of technology is definitely going to help you get to where you want to.

You will also need to have a number of soft skills, as the finance world is an extremely soft-skill and relationship-oriented one. Communication skills are a must - you will find yourself having to coordinate and communicate with multiple teams and people, ranging from tech experts to customers on a daily basis. Therefore, your communication skills, both written and oral must definitely be of high quality.

Fintech organizations also hire based on the problem-solving skills of the person. A huge requirement of the job is that the person must be able to solve a lot of problems that appear on a daily basis, to ensure that the organization is running seamlessly without any interruptions. You will have to optimize constantly, in order to make things function quicker and more efficiently in order to get a head start on the competition.

If you are looking to get into Fintech, there are a lot of Fintech courses that can help you dip your toes in these deep waters. The Fintech online courses offered by Imarticus Learning is a great place to start at.

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