Build Your Own AI Applications in a Neural Network

Today Big Data, Deep Learning, and Data Analytics are widely applied to build neural networks in almost all data-intensive industries. Machine learning courses in India offers such learning as short-term courses, MOOCs, online classrooms, regular classrooms, and even one-on-one courses. Choices are aplenty with materials, tutorials and options for training being readily available thanks to high-speed data and visualization made possible by the internet.
The study on jobs in Data Sciences says that core skills in Python are preferred by recruiters and is requisite for jobs in data analytics. The challenge lies in formulating a plan to study Python and the need of a specialist to help understand the technical and practical aspects of this cutting edge technology.

Why do a Specialization Course for Beginners?

Not all are blessed with being able to learn, update knowledge and be practically adept with the Python platform. It requires a comprehensive knowledge of machine learning, understanding of data handling, visualization techniques, AI deep learning, statistical modelling and being able to use your expertise on real-time practical examples of data sets from various industries.
Machine learning courses and case studies on Python platform are conducted in flexible learn-at-your-own-pace sessions in modes like instructor-led classroom sessions at select locations, virtual online classes led by certified trainers or even video sessions with mentoring at pre-determined convenient times.
One can do separate modules or certificate Big data Hadoop training courses with Python to understand data science analytics and then opt for modules using AI for deep learning with Python or opt for a dual specialization by doing the beginners course and courses covering AI and Deep Learning with Python. The areas of Deep Learning and AI both require prior knowledge of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and data analytics with Python.
An example of one such course is the AnalytixLabs starter classes in Gurugram and Bangalore as a speedy boot-camp followed by a package of two courses in AI Deep Learning with Python and the Data Science with Python. The prerequisites are knowledge of at least one OOPs language and familiarity with Python. Their 36 classes, 250-hour course offers dual specialisations, and 110 hours of live training using multiple libraries in Python.
Just ensure you choose the right course to allow your career prospects to advance and allows further learning in Python-associated specialised subjects.

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