Breaking into the new ground – Renuka’s transformation from IT to investment banking


Renuka recounts the various challenges she had to face as she made the career change and how Imarticus enabled her to achieve her dreams.

It was Renuka’s ambition to work for a top tier investment banking firm like Morgan Stanley and this was one of the reasons as to why she had enrolled in Imarticus learning’s certified investment banking course, in the first place. In fact, her very first questions to us were regarding Morgan Stanley and her chances of landing a job there.

Renuka comes with a background in IT with her bachelor’s in computer science and her additional IT-related courses, which ranged from programming languages to IT architecture. But despite excelling in her respective field, Renuka had always had an interest in investment banking, one that was set to grow further over the years. Of course, she had no idea on how to affect the change and then, she came across the Imarticus learning’s certified investment banking course and the rest fell into place. She reviewed the course, the course curriculum, consulted with her peers and then, took the leap of faith, so as to speak.

Given the fact that Renuka had little to zero experience in the banking field, she naturally found the course to be overwhelming at the start. But soon, she got the hang of it, thanks to our platform that enables all students to review the various modules, notes and more, 24X7. The course came with a detailed curriculum that covered everything from the basics of banking to commodity trading, CFDs and more. Granted that the learning curve may have seemed a little steep for Renuka but thanks to the detailed modules she was able to manage the same effortlessly.

According to Renuka, the course was exceptional in the sense that it introduced innovative teaching methods and applications to simplify a complicated subject. And as a result, she was able to understand most of the aspects of banking which simply was not possible before.

The course came with a combination of physical classes as well as a self-paced online module which helped Renuka and students like her to keep up with the rest of the class.  And as a result of this course, Renuka was able to achieve the transformation that she had sought and in the process, she managed to achieve her ambition as well.

Even before the completion of the course, Imarticus encouraged Renuka to apply for Morgan Stanley’s current recruitment drive in Mumbai. She was reluctant at first on account of the fact that she had not yet completed her course, but soon decided to go for it as the interview process itself should prove to be quite invaluable.

Imarticus stepped in and made Renuka prep for her interview and even provided her with a set of resume building workshops as well. Well, all these attempts paid off solidly since her interview went through without a hitch and Morgan Stanley made her an offer as well. Renuka was naturally in cloud 9 over the fact that she managed to snag a job offer from Morgan Stanley.

But before she left us for Morgan Stanley, she made it indubitably clear that it was the course that made it all possible. Imarticus provided her with support and assistance when she needed it the most, with detailed lectures and modules; it was this that helped make it possible for Renuka to achieve her dreams.

So the only question that you have to ask yourself is whether you are aspiring to be an investment banker? And if the answer happens to be a yes, then you know what course to opt for – so call us today.

For more details and further career counseling, you can also contact us through the Live Chat support system or can even visit one of our training centers based in - Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

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