Blockchain vs Bitcoin

Just like the 2000 internet bubble, the innovation that is going to change markets globally is the Blockchain network! There is a lot of hype about these critical buzzwords, and it is only valid to say that ten years down the lane, a lack of knowledge in Blockchain is going to be very tough to survive. As the market moves so should the people involved in it irrespective of their positions as buyers or sellers.
It can be noticed that in many instances, Blockchain and Bitcoins are used invariably but according to what they stand for, it is an injustice to give them both the same name. However, it is true that they are closely related. A Blockchain is a digital technology that records all the transactions that happen in a peer to peer network. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a form of popular cryptocurrency that facilitates the said transactions. The blockchain is the path that the bitcoin which is more like cash takes to travel between its users. The terms are often mixed up as the blockchain was initially discovered to support bitcoins. Only recently has there been talks of using the blockchain network for other uses but up to this date bitcoin predominantly rules over the blockchain network.
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Money can take different forms, and it has only been proved in and out over the years. Cryptocurrency is one such and blockchain seems to be a better option mainly due to the safety aspects. It is not entirely natural to add a block in the already existing blockchain, and even if it should be combined, it requires the consensus of the involved parties. This decentralised approach helps prevent monopoly control over such a powerful mechanism and gives each and everyone involved the responsibility to take care of what belongs to them. The amount of scrutiny helps to maintain the network fraud-free and comes to support large transactions which done any other way would be time-consuming and more exhausting.
blockchain vs bitcoingTo summarise the benefits of blockchain and their add-on currencies, it can say that, this technology helps to increase transparency thus helping to target the places, if and where the problem occurs. The permanency of these ledgers also helps in keeping and verifying said data which proves to be valuable. Overall it helps to ease the pockets of business, and it isĀ noted that the blockchain network can be utilised by small businesses to attain full utilisation of their resources. However, like any new technology, blockchain is also viewed with the sceptical eye for complications regarding the sophisticated technology and its regulatory implications. There is also a threat from competing platforms.
The paradox in Bitcoin-Blockchain relationship is the fact that it is open, public, free to scrutiny but remains to be anonymous. It is indeed true that the advent of blockchain was mostly to avoid government currency control policies and to get rid of any unnecessary intermediaries. This privacy it provides has also been one of the main welcoming factors for the income of the Blockchain era.
In the majority, blockchain and bitcoins are used in the financial sector and only recently are their talks to test its permutations and combinations in other areas. But seeing the technology of blockchain starting from a tiny bud and move up like a beanstalk in so less time is quite alarming. Anything that moves at such a rapid pace is bound to bring some radical changes, and it is us, the people, the consumers, the buyers, the knowledgeable citizen's responsibility to keep up with the pace and always be aware of the consequences that follow.
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