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Time and again we have all come across news of the inability of the law enforcers to implement clear and efficient laws in the regard of oceans. This is exactly where we give a chance to the illegal elements to play their card. Illegal fishing has become very common today, both in India and the West. Records state that as much as a third amount of fish, which is sold in America is a result of illegal fishing. Not only is it illegal, but it also has a grave ecological impact on the ocean ecosystem.

Data Science, with a new development of data technology, seems to have come to the rescue. The basic aim here is to stop these illegal happenings by ensuring the protection of the high seas. This technology basically uses the satellite signals of the ships, in order to detect any kind of transshipment. This will take place whenever two vessels would meet at sea to exchange their cargo.

Transshipment basically refers to the method, with the help of which great amounts of illegal fish is able to make into the main (legal) supply chain. Once this has taken place, there is close to no way of finding out which is illegal and which isn’t. This is why the recognition would provide major help in stopping the practice.

Global Fishing Watch has reportedly analysed about 21 billion satellite signals, which have been broadcasted by various ships, over the period of 2012 to 2016. This company majorly uses an artificial intelligence system, which was created by the professionals here and helps in identifying all the ships that have refrigerated cargo vessels. These are also known as reefers. Once the information is gathered, it is further verified with fish registries and other related sources, which rounds up the number of reefers to about 749.

This is about 90% of the entire world’s total number of such vessels. With this technology, this company was able to track all of those scenarios when reefers were acting like potentially illegal and likely transhipments as well as times when a ship and a reefer were moving at a close proximity.

This development has led to a lot of speculations in terms of the development in the field of Data Science. Thus, we see a number of data aspirants looking to get professionally trained in this field by pursuing courses from Imarticus Learning, which happen to offer courses in data analytics.

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