Big Data Hadoop- The Basics

The digital universe, is filled up to the brim with data, big data as it is popularly known today, is everywhere around us. With its existence comes another aspect, the never ending search for those who can perform magic with this big data, the Data Scientists as they are popularly known.
The explosion of big data took place about half a decade ago and with that, was uncovered a new avenue of possibilities. Earlier, it was the terra byte or the giga byte, which were known to store biggest data; but now the times are changing and new terms like petabytes or zetabytes have come up as storage units for Big Data.
It was only recently that firms discovered the value in the enormous amounts of data that was pouring in through their customer base of millions. At the same time another prediction was made, this one hinted at more data being generated in the future and with that, more demand would be made for people who would be able to make sense out of this data. Statistics state that India will face a shortage of around 2 lakh data Data Scientists for its firms.
There are a lot of tools in the market, which assist a Data Scientist in Data Analytics. These tools usually help in extracting data, storing it, analyzing it and then drawing solutions. Data Analytics is soon to become a marketing requisite, because of the treasure of patterns and insights hidden under mountains of data. R Programming, SAS Programming, Python, Big Data Hadoop are some of the major tools used in this industry, of these Big Data Hadoop is said to be the forerunner.
Hadoop is very well known as the ‘next big thing’ in the data analytics world. This tool was developed by Apache in the year 2002. The basic idea to develop this tool was a way to provide a better open source network for data analytics. At the peak of its popularity, no tool was better than Hadoop at managing huge amounts of data sets. This tool could extract, store and move data with a lot of ease. It is basically free to download and is a distributed storage and distributed processing platform for managing huge amounts of data.
With the use of Big Data Analytics on the increase, it is seen that Hadoop will become the default software for a lot of e-commerce giants as well as big names in other industries. It is also noticed that in India itself there are quite a lot of professionals who are trained in Hadoop. If we look at the numbers there are almost the same numbers of professionals trained in Hadoop in India as there are in the Silicon Valley. More and more companies are looking to hire these professionals, thus making Hadoop the most sought after skill on resumes.
Imarticus Learning one of best educational institute in India, which offer certification courses and training programs in Hadoop. Many aspirants today are opting for these courses and getting trained in Hadoop as well as other data analytics tools.

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