Become an Investment Banker in 3 Months. Here’s How?

Shubhadeep’s transition from engineering to an investment banking job in three months truly is inspirational.
Career transitions are hard. Really hard.
Don’t we all occasionally have days when we step back from the daily grind of work and think – “If only I could be paid to do what I’m passionate about”?
Shubhadeep was having one of those days.
An engineering graduate, Shubhadeep was disappointed with the career opportunities that were presented to him after four years of college. He wanted to enter the world of finance, more specifically, he wanted to be an investment banker. The thing is, transitioning from engineering to investment banking is no piece of cake and he realized that.
Over a period of more than a week, Shubhadeep dived into researching the most effective means to achieve his ambitions. His brother, also an investment banker, gave positive reactions on Imarticus review glassdoor and pointed him toward the investment banking certifications. A face-to-face counseling session was the turning point and he decided to enroll for the investment banking course.
Investment Banking Course
“The course is crisp and clear and the lectures are in-depth. It’s very easy to co-relate everything I study in class to the investment banking industry,” he says.
Three months after enrolling for the course, Shubhadeep has landed a job with SS&C GlobeOp and now works as an associate within the investor services division.
Isn’t that great? We think so.
Do you want to be three months away from an investment banking job? Click here and speak to our career experts today.

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