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Investment Banking course

A career in investment banking which involves raising equity and debt capital for companies is an attractive option for recent university graduates for professionals with a few years of experience. The profession will always remain a highly lucrative profession for young professionals looking to earn high levels of income in addition to executive-level experience.
With such a high reward profession in your hand, one needs to be prepared for moments of frustration where you are stretched too thin and moments of exhilaration where everything clicks.
Investment Banking is leading the way:

1)  Challenging Role: The learning curve in investment banking is very steep and you want to learn a lot and take on new challenges

Investment Banking is a challenging career and you will indeed learn a lot through the experience. You will learn about finance and acquire strong technical skills, such as complex products,trade life cycle and risk management.

2) Be with the Top Talent in the market: You believe that being surrounded by smart and talented people will be beneficial and help you learn even faster

Investment banks attract top candidates from the best schools all over the world. This means that your peers will be smart, highly ambitious, and from very diverse backgrounds. This means that you will be able to learn a lot from them, which will make the experience very valuable.

3) Caters to your passion for Finance, IT & Investment Banking: You were always interested in capital markets, corporate finance & advanced technologies

Several candidates do have a genuine passion for finance and investment banking. Some of them are very knowledgeable about current events, specific deals, and have been very active inn finance or banking clubs and events during school.

4) You will enjoy working in investment banking because the transactions may affect the profitability of the organization, affects the economy at large, and you will have the opportunity to make a real impact

Many bankers love their jobs because they have a visible impact on society and industries. As an employee of an Investment bank, you are always encouraged to innovate, risk manage traders positions, improve client servicing, improve on cost per trade. Closing a deal is a very rewarding and satisfying experience. This sense of power and accomplishment is a big motivation factor for many people.

5) Get exposed to the global market

Typically most Investment banks are globally integrated across major financial centers like New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong & Tokyo. India is uniquely positioned to cater to these markets which have diverse range of products & services . When you join an investment banking firm you would be interacting with various stakeholders thereby help you understand various cultures. This industry prides over the cross border mobility opportunities!
There are likely to be investment bankers coming up with new ways to make money as long as there is a market economy, while the rest of us marvel at how they manage to do it.
If you're an energetic professional with strong valuation skills and the ability to interact with others, this challenging and rewarding job may be just what you're looking for.

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