An investment banking skills checklist for finance professionals

An investment banking skills checklist for finance professionals

A career in finance is quite exciting and profitable. But simultaneously, it is also demanding and stressful. One of the most demanding jobs is Investment Banker.

The investment banker works with any Company or the Government and helps raise capital or make important financial decisions during critical times like acquisitions and mergers. 

They even save the time and money of the client by pointing out the risks in a particular project. An investment banker even advises the Company regarding when to issue bonds, what price to assign them, and many more.

The article discusses an investment banking skills checklist for finance professionals. So, keep reading to learn more about the skills you can acquire through an investment banking certification course.

Top 12 Investment Banking Skills Checklist for Finance Professionals

An investment banker must have the following qualities to stand outstanding in this field.

#1. Patience

The investment banking job is quite tiring and sometimes stressful. You have to work long hours and must always complete work within deadlines. So, sometimes you may feel like leaving your job and looking for some other work.

That is why recruiters always look for such candidates who have patience and don't lose temper easily.

#2.Global Outlook

You may work for a local Company but may meet foreign clients or do global transactions. So, you need a global outlook to work as a successful Investment Banker.


You have to face a lot of tricky questions every day. So, it is pretty important to be analytical for joining this job. You need to analyze a question from every possible angle and then answer a question.

Analytical skill is essential because they will help you break your client's issues into different segments and create various financial models.

Are you trying hard to become an Investment Banker but not getting it because of poor analytical skills?

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#4. Presentation Skill

The job of an investment banker does not get over with completing the financial model. You must also present it or any other ideas to clients or your boss. So you need good presentation skills to work as an investment banker.

#5.Communication Skills

Communication skills are pretty similar to presentation skills. You need to communicate warmly and pleasantly to the clients. Remember, it differs from how you communicate with your friends or relatives.

Are you aspiring to become an Investment banker in a reputed entity but are afraid of weak communication skills?

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#6. Linguistic

Now Investment banks are looking for candidates who can speak a language other than English. So, there is enormous demand for investment bankers who speak two to three languages.

#7. Networking

You will lot of people in Investment banking career. The majority of them may help you in some way in the future. So it is pretty important to maintain an excellent network in your career.


Creative skill is quite essential to becoming a successful Investment banker. You will not be direct data to solve any financial issues. If you are creative, you can see a situation from different angles and solve financial issues wisely.


You may face much criticism from your boss at the beginning of your career. You don't need to be disappointed or think about it for too long. You need to take their comments positively and be resilient to grow fast in your career.

#10.Mathematical skills

You have to deal with many data and numbers as an investment banker. So, you need to have good mathematical skills.

#11.Accounting Skills

Accounting skill is essential when preparing any financial model, making any adjustment in financial software, or analyzing data deeply. You should have this skill to become a good Investment banker.

#12.Influencing Skills

Sometimes you need to influence other people so that they can follow your ideas. It is mainly the case when you get a promotion and want your associates to follow your ideas. Remember, your associates can only follow you if you have influential skills.


The above skills are pretty vital to becoming a good Investment Banker. If you feel weak in any of the above skills described, join Imarticus today.

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