An Investment Banker's Guide to Success

best Investment Banking courses with placement in India

In the world of finance and corporates, opting for an investment banker course is a highly sought-after career choice for aspirants interested in undertaking a challenging profession. It gives you financial markets training as well as promises high growth in your career. This growth is both in terms of job satisfaction and monetary benefits.  

The investment banking sector is expected to grow by 8.5% by 2023. An investment banker plays a crucial role by using his/her expertise to help the clients raise capital, manage mergers and acquisitions and in other investment activities.

Who Is An Investment Banker?

An investment banker can be considered a financial expert who can manage a company's financial and investment aspects or a financial institution like a bank or a lending service. In this field of work, having just a basic degree is not enough; the candidate needs to have a knack for numbers and some real-life experience in handling financial transactions.

The job consists of duties like raising capital and administering securities and investments. Investment bankers should also be able to raise funds from the capital markets and create financial strategies for mergers and acquisitions and manage a company's assets.

Courses suitable for the investment banking industry 

There are a few courses that are helpful for an entry-level job, like B.Com, Bachelors in Economics and Finance, Bachelors in Business Administration, or CFA. An MBA in finance is the most favoured degree by most top companies.

Apart from the academics, as an aspirant, you must be driven, have good communication and networking skills. At the same time, you should possess notable research skills and not be hesitant to work with analytics and quantitative. 

  • B. Com

It is important to go for a graduate degree if you want to enter the investment banking field. This degree course will help you acclimate yourself to the industry's jargon. Moreover, you get to learn about different aspects of this enormous field, and it will help you find employment in other areas than investment banking.

  • Bachelors in Economics and Finance

It is another bachelor's course that gives you an in-depth understanding of what economics and financial markets are all about. Moreover, it deals with the way the companies and organisations behave financially and offers an overall idea of a company's financial dynamics.

Also, it is a comparatively new bachelor's course which is offered by many top institutions all around the country. Compared to B.Com, the focus is more on capital and money markets and their instruments. Completing this degree is a crucial part of financial market training that will be handy in future.

  • Bachelors in Business Administration

BBA is the perfect precursor if you are interested in pursuing an MBA. It gives you an idea of three main aspects of Business Administration. First, it gives you an understanding of the sales and marketing aspects of the business, along with the company's dynamics, both as per the administration and the finance. It also gives a deep insight into the management side of things, like how you handle labour and employees and how a company should be scaled up and down as per the situation in the market.

  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

If you are looking for a direct entry into investment banking, then Chartered Financial is one of the best investment banker courses to secure a job. Here, you will learn the essentials of this field, including carrying out the most complicated financial transactions without hassle.

  • MBA in Finance

This is another perfect course to gain entry into the investment banking field. But an MBA in Finance is limited to the financial aspect of things. But still, one gets to study all the capital instruments required by companies for the establishment and conducting of business. You also get to study various financial models.

  • Certified investment banking courses with placement

Apart from these fields of study, professional investment banking courses can help you access this highly lucrative job. Courses like this have been specially designed to help you, the student, to acquire the skill set necessary to begin a career in operations in investment banking. In this regard, you can look into the 'Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional' course from Imarticus Learning.

Hopefully, this write-up has helped you to understand which financial markets training can be useful for you. However, before you move ahead, ensure you select your course after proper research and thought and only then make your final decision. 

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