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Nearly every facet of our life now involves artificial intelligence (AI), from the workplace to retail to healthcare. Considering this, the need for students who can create, use, and manage cutting-edge AI technologies grows along with the need for AI specialists. Also, now is the best time to choose a career in artificial intelligence. Read on to know more about it.

What is artificial intelligence? 

Before we understand the benefits of pursuing a career in artificial intelligence, let us know what exactly AI is. Artificial intelligence, a vast branch of computer science, is concerned with creating intelligent machines that are capable of performing activities that typically require human intelligence. The multilayered science of artificial intelligence can be approached through many different angles, but developments in the domains of machine learning and deep learning are driving a huge shift in almost every sector of the computer industry.

Artificial intelligence enables machines to imitate and surpass the human mind's capabilities. From the rise of self-driving cars to the growth of intelligent assistants like Siri and Alexa, AI is becoming increasingly pervasive in daily life. Consequently, many IT companies from diverse industries are investing in artificial intelligence technologies.

Benefits of pursuing a career in AI 

Artificial intelligence is the field of the future. Here are a few reasons to pursue a career in artificial intelligence

Gain more knowledge about technology 

One of the numerous reasons to make a career in this field is to improve your technical skills by comprehending the world of artificial intelligence and how it applies to your business and employment role or the job of your dreams. AI is the perfect field for you if you have a knack for technology and programming. It will allow you to explore various parts of technology and data. 

Make an impact 

AI has affected every part of our life. And, it continues to do so as we speak. Whether it is a student studying for his/her exams or executives with an MBA degree doing a business deal, AI is involved in everybody’s lives. By pursuing a career in AI, you will be able to alter the lives of numerous people. With artificial intelligence, you can create technologies that will help you impact various sectors such as education, healthcare and transportation. With the use of AI, the entire trajectory of these fields can be changed.

Increase your chances of employment 

AI has been and continues to replace many job roles that humans do. However, it is also creating double the job roles in significant sectors. AI promises several career opportunities. It is needed for the successful functioning of every industry. All companies are searching for AI specialists who can help increase the company's sales. If you pursue a career in AI, then you can work in various job roles, which are incredibly high paying. 

Jobs in AI 

If you are looking forward to pursuing a career in AI, then there are several job roles that you can aim for. Some of them are: 

Machine learning engineer

ML engineering is a field that combines data scientists with software engineers. They make data science models for companies that are scalable, production-ready, and able to handle terabytes of real-time data generated by the use of big data technologies and programming frameworks. Applied research, data science, and software engineering understanding are necessary for ML engineers.

Data scientist 

Data scientists collect data, analyse it, and make judgements for a number of purposes. They use a range of technological techniques, steps, and algorithms to draw information from data and identify important patterns. It could be as straightforward as identifying anomalies in time-series data or as complex as making predictions and offering counsel.

Business intelligence developer

Business intelligence (BI) developers examine intricate internal and external company data to determine trends. For example, at a company offering financial services, this could be an individual who monitors the stock market statistics to assist with investment decision-making. On the other hand, for any product company, this could be someone who looks into the sales trends to help in distribution planning.

NLP engineer

Natural language processing (NLP) experts are artificial intelligence (AI) technologists specialising in spoken and written human language. Engineers working on speech recognition, voice assistants, document processing, etc., use this technology. 

These are just a few job roles; you can also choose to become a research scientist, prominent data engineer, software engineer, data analyst or software architect as an AI specialist. 


AI specialists are needed in every big company today. So, now is the best time to pursue and build a career in AI. If you want to become an AI specialist, then the Imarticus-certified PG diploma in management by BIMTECH will help you learn everything you need to know about the field. Offering dedicated career support and live training by the best faculty in the field, this course will set you up for the job market.

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